Mission Impossible… Should you accept…..

Your mission, should you accept, is to proceed to the Sishen Golf Course before sun-up, ignore your normal avian friends, then to search and photograph the Kudu.

If you are successful, chocolate will be the reward, should you fail…… a kick in the arse should be administered, as you have lost your touch…

and the result…. proof it is before sun rise…

Len 22 04 2014 001

and the sun rises…..

Len 22 04 2014 071

Following fresh tracks I manage to find them…. light is not good, but the mission is successful… covered in grass seeds and ticks from sneaking in long grass to get captures….

Len 22 04 2014 103

Len 22 04 2014 117

They are actually so well camouflaged… this one didn’t even know I was there….

Len 22 04 2014 121

and then I found the bull and had to do a bit of creeping around before he saw me to get these captures…

Len 22 04 2014 170

Len 22 04 2014 228

He knows I’m there somewhere, but as yet has not seen me… then he does and the result a pleasant goodbye…

Len 22 04 2014 237

and then around the next bush I find one of his offspring… the youngster….

Len 22 04 2014 246

Now this was a good mission that gave me some confidence that I’ve not lost it as yet…. now for the chocolate….