Mission Impossible… Should you accept…..

Your mission, should you accept, is to proceed to the Sishen Golf Course before sun-up, ignore your normal avian friends, then to search and photograph the Kudu.

If you are successful, chocolate will be the reward, should you fail…… a kick in the arse should be administered, as you have lost your touch…

and the result…. proof it is before sun rise…

Len 22 04 2014 001

and the sun rises…..

Len 22 04 2014 071

Following fresh tracks I manage to find them…. light is not good, but the mission is successful… covered in grass seeds and ticks from sneaking in long grass to get captures….

Len 22 04 2014 103

Len 22 04 2014 117

They are actually so well camouflaged… this one didn’t even know I was there….

Len 22 04 2014 121

and then I found the bull and had to do a bit of creeping around before he saw me to get these captures…

Len 22 04 2014 170

Len 22 04 2014 228

He knows I’m there somewhere, but as yet has not seen me… then he does and the result a pleasant goodbye…

Len 22 04 2014 237

and then around the next bush I find one of his offspring… the youngster….

Len 22 04 2014 246

Now this was a good mission that gave me some confidence that I’ve not lost it as yet…. now for the chocolate….

95 thoughts on “Mission Impossible… Should you accept…..

  1. WOW, Rob! What gorgeous photographs. Lost it? Ha-ha…not by a very long shot! These would be fine additions to your book if you haven’t gotten to far along to include some of them. 🙂

    • Thanks Skye… I’m a little on the slow side with the chocolate, apart from the dark one, they all taste terrible… but I have to get over that, so if you want to pop in to share you’re welcome, even Linda is tired of it now…. lol

  2. He’s back!!! What a fabulous beast you chose to stalk. Now get rid of those ticks and have yourself a healthy dose of dark chocolate. Gorgeous! 🙂

    • Thanks LuAnn, the ticks are easy, cotton wool and meths, and a dab here and a dab there and they fall off… chocolate was consumed in copious amounts… having lost 40 lbs. need to put a bit of weight back the Bulldog is looking like a Grey Hound…

      • Wow, 40 pounds is huge. You take care of yourself, although I’m guessing that getting back out into the bush is doing just that for you Bulldog. 🙂

    • Thanks Debra… the walk track and stalk did me the world of good… left me tired but with a huge smile on my face, cause now I know I’m getting better…

  3. Great photos Bulldog.
    How lucky you were to capture the sunrise AND the animals so close.

    (hope you got all the ticks off – tick bites bring serious health conditions).

    • Thanks Vicki… had tick bite fever quite often when younger… just a quick inspection with meths on cotton wool and all is cleaned up after such a walk… the track and stalk did me the world of good…

  4. love this pictures!
    I am doing illustrations for a kids book
    and have not been posting either
    hope you are doing better
    take care!


    • the blues can get big.. it’s the little buggers that are the baddies… but cotton wool and meths clears up the clingers on and all is well… Thanks I enjoyed this track and stalk of a very regal antelope…

  5. What dynamic images, my friend. I applaud you for getting up before dawn 🙂 Send some of your energy up to the northern hemisphere to me?????? As for the chocolate-based rewards, well … can’t think of anything better. Glad you’re back on the blogging scene. I’m trying to make my way back, too.

  6. The Kudu is new to me, so many thanks for putting the time and effort in to show it to us. Good to see your wonderful wildlife shots again.

  7. An excellent mission I would say Bulldog! Wonderful photos as always, love the baby 🙂 Also the sunrise is beautiful. I’m trying to stay up for a sunrise shot for an upcoming post…but I’m not an early riser!! Will give it my best shot though…hope you’re enjoying copious amounts of chocolate… 🙂

      • Good for you Bulldog, wow, I really admire that, you must get the best part of the day and explains why you get such amazing photos.
        You will be pleased to hear though that I got my shot in this morning, upon instructions for hubby, who is like you, to wake me up early!! It isn’t anything as spectacular as your shot but you’ll see it in a day or two with my upcoming post… 🙂

    • Thanks Joanne… the Kudu is a special antelope … shy and not easy to find, so this was for me an exciting walk about that tested my knowledge of tracking and hiding behind rocks and trees… Glad I could introduce you to the Kudu…

    • I’ve been told to exercise as it will help with the lungs.. so a walk is on the cards, maybe not the ducking and diving to get such captures but what the hell you only live once… and I enjoyed it… not too long a walk and I took it easy… needed the choccie when I got home… lol… But it sounds as though you need to take it easy… heal soon…

  8. Yes young man, you still have it! These are great shots and I appreciate your sharing such special moments with us! I think I’ll have some chocolate too! No wait….I’m on a diet….again 🙂

  9. Ah…the things a photographer has to do to get “the shot”…but the rewards are so worth it…especially the chocolate! 🙂

    Do you wear a scent repellent when you go out?

    • Scent repellent? Never heard of such a thing… simply use good judgement, be aware of wind direction and with a little knowledge it is all quite easy… thanks Mrs P.

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