Body and Mind… both with brains of their own.

Woke early again this morning, The mind said “Lets go for a walk” the body said “Do you think so? I don’t.”

So the body won…. Linda woke and wanted coffee at the golf course…. “Why don’t you take me home and go for a walk?” she asked.

The mind answered “I like that idea!” the body answered “Over my dead body!”.. the mind won.. so off we set and it was rather rewarding with first time photos of two Purple Rollers… BUT, we didn’t get far and the body said to the mind “Head for home you idiot, before we don’t make it!”

When we made it home, the body said to the mind “I told you so! maybe next time you’ll listen to me” but the mind answered “hey, look at these great first time photos we managed to capture!” the body had no answer……

Purple Roller

Len 23-04-2014 085

Len 23-04-2014 091

The Purple Roller (Coracias naevius), also called the Rufous-crowned Roller, is found over sub-Saharan Africa to as far south as Namibia and the Transvaal. Compared with other rollers its colours are rather dull and its voice rather harsh and grating. Its preferred habitat is dry thorn-veld where it spends long periods perched at the top of thorn trees or poles, watching for food items such as insects, spiders, scorpions and small lizards on the ground.

Len 23-04-2014 097

Len 23-04-2014 117

Len 23-04-2014 158

This was a very rewarding walk this morning, I’ve seen these birds far off, but never close enough for a photo. Today they were so vocal about last nights rain that they didn’t notice me creeping up on them… and the result? 257 photos of them taken from behind a BIG tree…. and a quick look, all the shots seem to be good and in focus… so no deletions…

88 thoughts on “Body and Mind… both with brains of their own.

  1. The body always wins, you know! 🙂 I can’t believe you got so many wonderful shots of these beauties. And first-time ones, to boot. I guess the mind was rewarded along with a little snack for the soul on that walk. Nothing is better for recovery than the joy of capturing something special. Rest and trot off again! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a little walk was tough but rewarding. Love the photos, and how they look up, down, sideways and so forth, searching for their prey. Great job. Take it one (or a few) steps at a time.

  3. You still got it Bulldog! Perhaps with all that weight loss, you were able to slip right up on those lovely birdies. 😉 Seriously, so glad to hear you are able to start getting out and enjoying once again what you do so well, provide us with some wonderful images.

  4. A very profitable walk, indeed! The rollers are interesting little birds. And they were indeed your reward for pushing on a bit! I hope more and more you’ll e able to increase your walking and gain back strength. That you could do it at all is a very good sign. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, Rob.

  5. First of all…EXCELLENT shots!! Those birds were encouraging you .. giving you a little gift for getting out there and moving a bit…keep on pushing those lungs….they’ll get there…besides, look at all of us working at “moving you forward” in our own individual ways….how can the lungs refuse to join in?

    • Thank you so much Suzanne… it is such encouragement that gets me up and moving… and it is birds like these calling loudly that get me off my rear end as well…

      • Those birds have just been waiting all this time to be “the wind beneath your wings.”
        Keep your fingers crossed for us…big tornado outbreak in southern states….very bad…we’re due to get the bad stuff as early as 4 am or so…staying up most of the night tonight, because the really wicked stuff is headed for us.

  6. hahahaha Rob, you, your mind and body sure is funny! 😀
    I am glad the mind won. I think I must try that with hubby because I think his body says the same thing sometimes. My mind learned to ignore the body and then I suffer afterwards but I can take it. 😆
    Great shots as usual my friend. It’s such a beautiful little bird and you’ve captured them so well. 😀

    • Thanks Sonel… I think as we age the different parts of the body begin to work independently and sometimes ignore each other… maybe an election for a leader is needed and laws set up for the body parts… the more I think about this the more I feel a story developing here… lol… could be quite comical …

      • Whahahahahah! I totally agree with you there Rob and I think that is a great idea. LOL!
        Well, you are great at writing and I would love to hear more about it for sure. I am sure it will be quite comical. 😆

  7. Great shots. I find them a rather appealing colour – nice and earthy (with a tinge of blue).

    Interesting to hear that I’m not the only person who takes zillions of photos of the same thing – lol.

    Take it easy on the walking though.

    • I always over do the shots, and some times Linda will say “but you have so many photos of that bird already” and my answer “Yes but I might just get a better one this time” yes too many is better than too few, specially when I get home to find they are all out of focus , or the settings were not perfect, so its a case of too many on different settings hoping for a few good ones… this one however most turned out perfect… I think I deleted only 4 of them… maybe the camera was tired of sitting doing sweet blow all and enjoyed itself for a change, trying to get its message across to me… I have to push the walking to ensure the lungs improve… thanks Vicki… I could not capture a flying shot which show its colours a bit better…

      • I always take too many photos of the same thing too. I just keep hoping one or two will work out brilliantly. I took 260 on Wednesday and ended up with only 42 ‘keepers’.

        I know that walking helps many conditions (mine in particular), but I guess you’ll have to learn to walk ‘mindfully’ and in slow motion (like I do) for a while. Is there any indication of when you’ll be back to 100%?

    • Thanks Louisa.. seen them at a distance, close enough to guess their ID but never so close to get shots such as these… was a good day that encourages me to move the arse back out there…

  8. I wish your body gets stronger to keep up with the mind……. Glad you did go to the outing with such beautiful pictures back, well worth it. did you tell the body!

  9. Morning Rob/Linda. Glad the MIND won the debate naughty boy overdoing it but the photos were worth the discomfort leaving rest zone. Awesome sunrise/kudu shoots and the yellow babblers are adorable with their vibrant feathers.

    R for rest and get well sooner than soon. Hugs from one of your devoted ex-Rhodie followers. xx

    • Thanks Zita… the mind has to win this battle before the body gets too use to the rest… need to get out and about to fix the lungs… I have actually enjoyed the outings, well the mind has when the body has felt the strain… just got to keep on pushing…

  10. There is a saying for that: “The mind is willing but the flesh is weak.” And, there is another saying too: “Mind over matter.” Glad it worked for you to go out and get these terrific pics. Along with exercise, fresh air and the healing that comes with being in Nature.

    • Than ks Genie… I do agree the fresh air has such a healing power, if only in the mind, but such healing of the mind will move the body in the same direction…

  11. Personally, I think my mind is a bit of a bully and forces my poor body into things it REALLY doesn’t want to do 🙂

    Glad you captured those fabulous pictures though!

    • Thanks Joanne.. my mind has to win this one.. been idle for over a month and the lungs are making such slow progress that the mind has decided to become a bully and kick some ass… lol… thanks for the complement of the photos, the camera sure enjoyed the birds and never missed a beat today…

    • Thanks Dianne.. the mind has to win, if the body gives up now I’m finished, can’t sit and do nothing… so the lungs have to be beaten back into line and obey the mind… lol… body battle going on here…

  12. Never mind the birds, look at that blue sky!! Seriously though, so glad you made the decision to get out and about…great incentive to take these fab shots. I love reading all about these birds, so different to our humble British ones. Talking of which, I haven’t seen my garden Robin for ages…but at least spring is definitely springing! Take care Bulldog…:-)

    • Thanks Ronnie… now that is a good question, sex after a night of heavy drinking…mmmm good question… not being a drinker it is hard for me to picture the problem…

  13. What a wonderful reward for the effort made in going for that walk. Stunning bird, excellent photos. They certainly posed beautifully for you. Keep taking things one step at a time as you head toward a speedy recovery.

    • Thanks Puppy… I actually capture far too many photos that all came out good, in focus and all… had so few to delete, so the camera is enjoying the workout again after its lay off…

  14. I’m glad you captured these images, but please take care of yourself, bulldog. It’s a selfish request. I want to be able to continue enjoying your photos and captions for decades.

    • Russ, so kind of you to make this comment… my worry if I don’t get the lungs right now at this age it might just be the end of me… can’t sit around and do nothing and the lungs are doing their best to get me to do just that… have to beat them back into submission to the mind…

  15. Sounds like a classic case of ‘mind over body!’ I love these photos bulldog, they almost look like paintings, the sky is so blue and not a cloud to be seen. Very pretty little birds.
    Diana xo

    • Thanks Brian… the book is completed with the first edit and I’m ecstatic with the results… a good editor is a must, she has taken my words and work a magic I cannot describe… I think I should put her down as the author with the words “story told to her by me”

    • Thanks Carol… I hate this feeling of old age and the body that does not want to co-operate like it always does… so forced marches seems the order of the day…

  16. Lovely to have you back, but take it easy. Have been so worried about and I hope my comments has shown that.
    Stunning photos – what a pretty bird with the district colors on the side … and very proud looking too.

    • Thanks Viveka… yes I know you have been as worried as what we have been… the lungs just don’t want to improve so I need to push them as much as I can… Linda will just need to know where I’m going so she can always come and fetch me if necessary… the Drs say I must exercise so the body has to listen to the mind… maybe the not smoking is confusing the body instead of the mind…

      • Wow, I didn’t know that it was the lungs that caused your illness – that is serious – so glad that you are back with us and I believe your doctor is right too – exercise is good, but we shouldn’t overdo it.
        The smoking maybe confuse your brain more than the body, is my guess. Good for you – Great job. Smoking is no good for anyone. Just silly to start.
        Walk safely and …

          • What a scare …. !!!!!! But it doesn’t have to fix itself quickly – so long you’re going to be okay.
            Let the body heal and take it’s time. Not easy, when the brain wants something else.

  17. I’m glad your mind and your body worked it out, because you took some fantastic shots! The second one should be hung in a gallery and sold to the highest bidder. Take care of that body (I know your mind is fine!) 🙂

    • Thanks Elisa… the body has to listen to the mind as it wants to do what the Drs say I must do to recover the lung capacity… Linda will just need to be on standby in case she has to come and fetch me…

  18. Every time I read something from you like the beginning of this post, I think the same thing….”I just cannot wait to hold his book in my hands.” Please take it easy and everything in small doses till you are ready (even chocolate). 🙂 Praying for you daily.

    • Have to push myself as well … don’t want the body to think its getting old… this was a great outing very rewarding, even if a little tiring… thanks Skye… the book is looking so damn good I can’t wait for the next edit…

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