I feel a breeze next to my ear… what could it be.??

I staggered onto the veranda at the club, tired and dry mouthed, over done the walk… stop talking bull dust Bulldog!!! When I returned from a short walk, I felt this breeze near my ear and turned to see where it came from. 

Could I be so lucky as to have a beautiful female, gently blowing in my ear? No, when I turned I saw the second African Palm Swift (I hope the ID is correct, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong… Thank yoiu Carol of whichwaynow101, it is in fact a Rock Martin.) sweep close to my head. “Must have a nest near by!!” the mind though and sure enough it was right…


Then one settled on a table next to me as if to say “get the hell out of here we’re busy!”

Len 23-04-2014 008

The African Palm Swift (Cypsiurus parvus) is a small swift. It is very similar to the Asian Palm Swift, Cypsiurus balasiensis, and was formerly considered to be the same species. It is a Rock Martin …..

It is a common resident breeder in tropical Africa. Now they usually nest under palm leaves so this one might be a little lost, or I’ve screwed up the ID something terrible… yes I screwed up it is a Rock Martin, thanks Carol…

Len 23-04-2014 014

African Palm Swift

Len 23-04-2014 033

So anyone in the know feel free to help if I’ve missed the ID here…