I feel a breeze next to my ear… what could it be.??

I staggered onto the veranda at the club, tired and dry mouthed, over done the walk… stop talking bull dust Bulldog!!! When I returned from a short walk, I felt this breeze near my ear and turned to see where it came from. 

Could I be so lucky as to have a beautiful female, gently blowing in my ear? No, when I turned I saw the second African Palm Swift (I hope the ID is correct, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong… Thank yoiu Carol of whichwaynow101, it is in fact a Rock Martin.) sweep close to my head. “Must have a nest near by!!” the mind though and sure enough it was right…


Then one settled on a table next to me as if to say “get the hell out of here we’re busy!”

Len 23-04-2014 008

The African Palm Swift (Cypsiurus parvus) is a small swift. It is very similar to the Asian Palm Swift, Cypsiurus balasiensis, and was formerly considered to be the same species. It is a Rock Martin …..

It is a common resident breeder in tropical Africa. Now they usually nest under palm leaves so this one might be a little lost, or I’ve screwed up the ID something terrible… yes I screwed up it is a Rock Martin, thanks Carol…

Len 23-04-2014 014

African Palm Swift

Len 23-04-2014 033

So anyone in the know feel free to help if I’ve missed the ID here…

57 thoughts on “I feel a breeze next to my ear… what could it be.??

  1. I just love the freedom we have to put our questions about there and to ask our blogging friends to fill in our “blanks.” This was great! I loved the nest, and I’m glad you’re okay. All you need now is to be “felled” by a bird–you need to be very careful this week, I think! 🙂

  2. They nest in the same way that barn swallows do here. They look a bit like them too. They are nice birds. I like the looks of these guys. What a heck of a disappointment…only a bird. Chuckle… I like their spunk in protecting their nest! You’re just too funny, Rob! The sense of humor tells me that you will be okay. 🙂

  3. Oh wow, what great photos you got here Bulldog, I’m always fascinated by birds nesting! You got a good head’s up when you felt that breeze, even if it was only from a bird of the feathered kind, lol 😉

    • Thanks Sherri… I used to collect birds eggs as a youngster… and this would often aid in the ID of the bird, I sure failed the test with this one…

  4. Beautiful pics – and super cool nest they have.- I like the rice krispie description too, that was my first thought – you’ve put up the wrong photo – as if LOL

    • Thanks RoSy… I love to name them for my quest to photo all 900 odd specie we have in our country, and the wrong ID in this case gave me a new one for the book as I haven’t captured the Rock Martin before…

      • Those martins and swifts are all part of the swallow family, aren’t they? Doesn’t matter that it’s a martin and not a swift. It’s a cute little bird and how nice that he/she blew in your ear. 😉

  5. Perhaps it’s just as well it wasn’t a beautiful female! You seem to find birds to shoot wherever you go.

  6. Gorgeous pics, bulldog. I love the one of the little head poking over the top of the nest. I looked at some images on Google, and I’m sure you’re right about the ID. What is the nest made of?

    • Swifts do build nests like this as well, its just the palm swift is so called because of its nesting habits… So this one is either very confused or I’ve made one big mistake… Thank you…

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