All in the family… One more beautiful than the other

Lets keep it in the family!!!.. On more beautiful than the other, but actually both beautiful…

We have the Lilac-Breasted Roller and the Purple Roller that grace our continent and we have the European Roller that visits our shores. All are so colourful and unusually marked.

The Lilac-breasted Roller (Coracias caudatus)…

Lilac breasted roller

lbr 1

and the Purple Roller (Coracias naevius)….

purple roller

pr 3

Still well coloured….


61 thoughts on “All in the family… One more beautiful than the other

    • Thank you LuAnn… energy is sorely lacking… a walk of 2 kilometers is enough to put me on the bed for an hour and this from some one that would think nothing of walking 10 to 15 kilos per walk and still want more, so you must know the frustration I’m feeling… I’ve never had this before and I must admit it is becoming a mental problem as well, snapping at Linda as if its her fault and actually become a bit of a pain for all…. really need to get over this soon… Doctors say walk, but then turn round and say this can last 3 to 4 months… I cannot afford the time to recover it’s going to kill me… but at least the not smoking has not become a problem, breezed through the 40 days off last Sunday without any problem at all… as for the taste buds they have returned but some foods do not taste the same, Linda says this could be from the non smoking… pity as some of the foods I used to enjoy, but now, not so much…

      • I empathize with you Bulldog as being stationary would be very difficult for us and would begin to wear on us mentally as well. One day at a time would probably be the best mantra and even break it down from there. The good news that has come from all of this is breaking the smoking habit. Sending big hugs to you and Linda. 🙂

  1. Your back in form without a doubt Rob. I think the Purple Roller in flight is one of your best shots ever. I do hope you find room in your book(s) for this one – it certainly leaves me appreciating the skill behind the shot and wanting more.

    • Thank you Brian… very kind of you to say… book in final stages of editing and no mention in there of a purple roller… so that photo won’t make it…

  2. The lilac-breasted is my favorite, but the Purple Roller in flight is gorgeous. What a shot! Such beautiful birds live around you, Rob. I can only dream of seeing them. I’m happy to see you posting. I have to read backwards here to find out how you are. 🙂

  3. I love the action shot too.
    Gorgeous colours on those birds. That second photo looks like the bird has a patchwork quilt on.
    I love seeing your local birds……… different to ours.

    Thanks for sharing.

      • We might have Rob but around here there are so many trees – I am not complaining – I love trees and we have so many birds here. The neighbourhood we live in, is called “Place of Birds” because there are so many, but we hardly ever see them as they hide in the trees. We have an owl here as well and he lives in the tree in our front yard but have never seen him/her. 😀

  4. As I glanced through new blogs arriving this morning I came upon your photo and knew immediately it was your blog.Rob, there is no one like you in the way you beautiful birds. Your photos literally stop me in my tracks. You have a great talent, and amazing subject matter upon which to use it!

    • Thanks Skye… the recommendation on the eBook is to have less photos… the printed book seems not a problem but it is just such an exorbitant price with postage… in a bit of a quandary at the moment…

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