Yes … more of the same… how boring….

“Is it the Purple Roller again?” I hear you say… and my answer is “Yes”.. why am I so absorbed by this bird? I have been photographing birds for seven odd years now (seriously that is) and this is the first time I’ve seen this bird. To have it in the same area 3 days in a row, tells me they have a nest there and today I found it. How? One of them flew out of a hole in a tree…. and when they spotted me they sat apart and made loud noises at me…

I tried a video clip so that you could hear them, but my health and shakes makes it unworthy of up loading… sorry…

I don’t blame you if you switch out now, but I just love this bird…




Now this one is a test to see what it would look like as a pencil drawing… I wish I could do this by hand…


53 thoughts on “Yes … more of the same… how boring….

  1. Wonderful captures! You taught me to photograph birds over and over without worrying about what others may grow tired of viewing. Thank you!

  2. You must be feeling a little better–you’re starting to play! 🙂 I love the pencil drawing–a very cool app. I’m not bored with this bird at all. For some reason I have found it to be very memorable. It’s the way the white feathers play against the dark. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it really is unique. It would be fun to see a video of it in action, but you’ve described it very well!

  3. You’re fantastic with your bird images – for me the fly away before I even got them in focus. A seagull I maybe will be able to capture. Great images as always.

  4. Wow…that last one looks like a perfect duplication of the one above it. Did you use a program to create the effect or was this wildly coincidental?

    I don’t mind seeing the same birds again and again. Sometimes certain ones just make a connection. I am wildly obsessive about pelicans in flight. I must see thousands of them close up and I never tire of them. I am certain we are playing conversation games.

  5. There was a time when I was able to draw with something like the precision of your graphic. It’s funny that you would wish to be able to do this ‘by hand’. Back when I could, I was always demoralized by such examples of ‘automatic’ artwork–it made me question why I should bother (it’s really a lot of work to do a little sketch like that). I can’t draw anymore, but my attitude hasn’t changed…

  6. No matter how you feel about the post—-post!! Your posts are always something special, and we always love them here!! The photos are wonderful. My artists will love the pencil drawing!

  7. I love the third photo, especially the look in her eye – so watchful. Sometimes certain birds do capture your imagination. I noticed you were mentioning you’d like a bird guide with illustrations instead of photos. I have a couple and highly recommend this type of guide. The illustrations are beautiful, and, as you say, easier to use than the photos. Don’t believe that the authors of my guides (Sibley and Peterson) have a version for your area, but when I googled I found that SASOL publishes guides with illustrations for South Africa.

    • I have the sasol book it is right next to me as I write this, I actually have 7 books for SA but none in drawings… all photos… as we have 900 odd different specie it could be quite a task to illistrate all of them… but thanks anyway to Newtons Birds By Colours, Id is made a little easier for those that I’m not sure about… Thanks Brenda for such a nice comment…

  8. E’ molto particolare questo uccello, ha un suo fascino, attira molto e quindi capisco perché ti piace tanto. Molto bella la versione disegno a matita 🙂
    Sempre belle le tue foto, complimenti!!
    Ciao, Pat

  9. Oh, I don’t blame you at all Rob. They are truly beautiful, so why not take photo’s of them and share it with us? You always have these amazing photo’s and way better than mine for sure. Nothing boring about your post at all! Keep on sharing! 😀

  10. What a wonderful picture. Shakes? Certainly doesn’t show. Really sharp image, I’m sure the video would be good. What lens are you using? Really great pictures.

  11. I can understand you wanting to shoot the same bird time and time again. Clearly, you are inspired by the roller. I find there is always something new to notice, admire and appreciate when photographing wildlife.

    • Thanks Brian… Linda often asks why I’m taking another photo of something I already have many photos of… my answer? The next one might be more perfect than the last… so one keeps taking, knowing at some stage one will capture the photo you really want without actually knowing what it is you want…

  12. Beautiful bird. I really like the drawing effect. I know the thrill of finding a bird’s nest. We have one in the rhodo bush in front of the house, but the crows are just waiting to snatch the baby birds up for a snack. I hate crows.

    • This bird borrows a woodpecker or such nest… this one has borrowed a woodpeckers in a dead tree… tomorrow I hope to capture them going in and out of the nest, specially now that I know where it is…

    • Thanks AD… my talent for drawing is mot much more than a stick man… in fact the bushmen would probably have banished me from the caves if they saw my drawing ability… but it is something I’d really love to do…
      I have a wild flower book that only has hand drawings and paintings of SA’s wild flowers, it is so easy to ID a plant using that book, because one looks at shape and form… it would be so wonderful to have a bird book like that…

  13. You were so good to make a sketch-like image of him at the end because of his white long feathers interspersed between the brown ones, he did have a sketch-like quality! I am NEVER bored with wildlife!

  14. Yes that would be amazing! Just think, there was a time before cameras, that people only caught glimpses of creatures and famous people they never saw in person through realistic sketches! Great photos bulldog!

    Hate that you have the shakes – you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. ❤
    Diana xo

    • Thanks Diana… got to start getting over this inability to be myself… I have a book on local wild flowers that has no photos but only drawings and paintings of the flowers… it is so easy to ID a flower from this book as it is more about shape than colour… One needs this for birds as well as I’ve seen photos of one bird with 20 variations in colour that would make the ID very difficult… yet if in drawing form where one would concentrate more on beak, body and wing shape, might just make that ID easier…

    • Thanks I thought so as well… their name of Roller comes from their aerial antics when mating, they climb to heights and seem to roll around when descending to impress their mate…

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