Inspired by an app on Picasa.. that I tried yesterday…

The purple Roller turned out so good yesterday when I turned it into a pencil drawing that I thought I might just try with a few other photos… what do you think.??

A male ostrich…

rietvlei 010

A wild dog….


A heffalump….


A mouse bird… I actually like this one…

tue 19-07-2011 117

A  Gnu a gunother gnu…

Kalagadi 176

Someone I know… this app works well on humans…

Sat 23-07-2011 086

I could not get myself to turn my beautiful daughter into a pencil drawing… so I used a soft focus instead…  she is really concentrating on something here…


70 thoughts on “Inspired by an app on Picasa.. that I tried yesterday…

  1. HMMM that is hard to pick my favorite?… they all look neat. But… I choose the heffalump, if I choose one. Looks like you were having fun.

  2. These are all wonderful Bulldog! I had no idea that this was available on Picasa. Quite a lovely daughter you have, and I agree that random shots are always more interesting.

  3. The heffalump 😉 and wild dog are my favorites. And your daughter is beautiful…even when she is concentrating! I wouldn’t have used the app on her either!

  4. I prefer the real thing but it’s fun playing around. Quite amazing what can be done. They’re all good, especially the wild dog.

  5. Wow, it looks just like drawings … I have that on my photo editing program; PhotoScape. Have to give it a try. The photo with your daughter is lovely with the soft edges. Great playing around.

  6. Now that is just so beautiful Rob. I can see you had lots of fun. 😀
    Lovely photo of your daughter. Yes, I know that look. It’s a ‘take one shot of me again and I will slap you soooo hard’ look. hahahahaha
    Just kidding. 😀
    Have a great day. 🙂

  7. Love the mousebird and the human ‘pencil’ sketches.

    IMHO the ‘heffalump’ and ostrich images don’t have enough contrast (or light & shade) to be truly successful with this app.

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