White-browed Sparrow-weaver…. Cape sparrow…

These are two very descriptive names for two sparrows with very similar nesting habits. They both are social when it comes to building their nests and a good thorny acacia tree can be decorated with up to 50 of their untidy grass nests.

Males are normally monogamous and stay around for the whole breeding and raising period..

Cape Sparrows have been known to also nest in the eaves of buildings etc. and then become very similar in habitat and behaviour to the house sparrow…

These are largely overlooked birds in their specie group as they all just seem so common, yet if one sits and watches as they go about their daily operations, they can be seen to be very interesting…. always busy and on the go, very industrious as well…

Photos firstly of the White-browed….





and now the Cape Sparrow….

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len 105

len 106