African buffalo… Viewable from the Loo…

African buffalo or Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer)

Between Nelspruit and Middleburg in the Mpumalanga there is a highway rest stop. We tend to stop here for Linda to buy coffee and to use the restrooms (Loos). I love the men’s room as I can stand and look out of a big glass window at the animals on a farmers land.

This trip all his African Buffalo (my favourite bovine) was at the water hole.

I love this animal for its pure size and power that exudes from it. It is scared of nothing and the size and power of the bulls has been the demise of many a lion.

This trip I saw probably the biggest bull I’ve ever seen.. look at this photo, two bulls having a rub in friendship…

But look at the size of that one on the right compared to that on the left… damn he is BIG…


The African buffalo is a very robust species. Its shoulder height can range from 1 to 1.7 m (3.3 to 5.6 ft.) and its head-and-body length can range from 1.7 to 3.4 m (5.6 to 11.2 ft.).


Looking at the condition of the one on the right I’d say he was younger than the other… but look at that head size… I am impressed and would avoid walking into this guy if he got upset…. look at his skin, what good condition, this is a bull in its prime….