Is she ready to breed? .. A buffalo’s perspective…

Yesterday I showed the size of this buffalo bull, today I show you what he was actually up to…

How does a buffalo know when a cow is ready to breed? He has her deposit a drop of urine on his nose and there he will test her readiness… (glad we’re not like that!)

I can hear him saying… “something smells suspect around here…”


“A small deposit please”  sniff sniff sniff !!!


“Not quite ready yet so you will have to wait for this magnificent body”


“You can beg all you want… and all this cupboard love will get you nowhere….”



“Stop it now… nothing for you till I say you are ready…” what a Bull !!!!


A bull will closely guard a cow that comes into heat, while keeping other bulls at bay. This is difficult, as cows are quite evasive and attract many males to the scene. By the time a cow is in full oestrus, only the most dominant bull in the herd/sub herd is there.

Looking at this Guy … I reckon he gets his Gal…


59 thoughts on “Is she ready to breed? .. A buffalo’s perspective…

  1. With those magnificent horns I am sure no one will try their luck for sure. Stunning shots and as usual your captions made me smile. What a sweet and romantic couple. 😀

  2. Nature is certainly practical. Go right to the source and no need for pleasantries! How exciting for you to be right there with your camera. 🙂 They really are magnificent animals!

  3. “you will have to wait for this magnificent body.”
    HAHAHAHAHA i was JUST thinking that same thing to myself when I saw that pic…and they you popped in with it! hahahaha.
    These pics and commentary made my morning! 🙂

  4. I’d say too…he knows what he wants and he’s going to get it, yes sir! Love the narrative & the photos Bulldog, you always make me smile…and laugh XD

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