Surprise, surprise, surprise… a plant of beauty Kaapsehoop…

Aloe arborescens (krantz aloe, candelabra aloe)

Whilst in the lowveld Linda and I went for a drive up to Kaapsehoop, something to do and of course I love to try and emulate “Awindowsinthewoods” (Click here to see some of her horse photos) by capturing photos of the wild horse of the area.

Leaving Linda at her favourite place (any coffee shop) I took off for a walk on the wild side… did I find a horse or two? No, but I did find huge areas of the Aloe in flower… this made the walk worth it… I never made it to the top as the lungs are not quite up to that as yet.

But with flowers like this who cares about a wild horse or the top of a mountain …. no matter what angle I took this plant from, their numerosity is impossible to capture. But I did try… enjoy “small house/BIG GARDEN” (click here to see her post on the same plant)…








I love this photo below…