Hyena portraits… posed specially for us…

We came across this pack of celebrating hyena, a territorial battle had taken place next to a river and this group must have won,,, they seemed on top of the world… not the most beautiful animal, but it has its uses…


The hyena is known for its bone crushing jaw, no bone is left un-turned… (I’m getting so clever now)


It is often referred to as the laughing hyena as its chatter can be misconstrued as a laugh….


The Hyena is thought to be a scavenger, and yes it is, BUT… in a pack it is one of the most proficient hunts in the veld….


The young are known to fight in the den and often the weakest never make it to adulthood, but then nature is all about survival of the fittest and strongest…. Packs of hyenas have chased lions off their kill, even treeing the cats, but they are weary of doing that if a male lion is present… he doesn’t like it… there is a fantastic film often shown on National Geographics called “Eternal Enemies” its about lion and Hyena, watch it… absolutely brilliant…

45 thoughts on “Hyena portraits… posed specially for us…

    • There is nothing nicer than hearing the chatter of the hyena at night, the laughter and the deadly call to arms of the pack when needed… I sit and await it every night when in the bush, it tells me I’m where I love to be… yes it can be scary if you’re not sure what is making the sound, but to me it is the sounds you listen for every night to tell you the hunt has begun…

    • Thank you LuAnn I did enjoy this shoot, not often one is given the chance to see so many together in one place and then not in a hurry to disappear…

  1. The pictures are fantastic, especially the last one, where he shows some cuteness. I always feel sorry for them, because nobody really likes them, but they’re really quite cute, I think 🙂

  2. I love them, love them, love them ❤ Can you imagine how huge they can get? In Saxonia we were in a Zoo and they had a few. Two of them were lying in front of us – impressive 😀

  3. I find hyenas fascinating. I saw a documentary on Animal Planet awhile back (Growing up Hyena) and ever since then I’ve been very partial to them. You captured some excellent pics…especially the third from the top of the hyena looking over its shoulder. The lighting on that one really highlights their beautiful markings

  4. I’ve seen Eternal Enemies (hubby has watched just about every documentary on Africa ever made! LOL)

    These are great shots and the hyena is not a popular animal (not cute and cuddly) – but like all animals in the wild they play a very important role in ecosystem and population control.

    • You are so right Dianne… it has its place and yet has so much more to it than meets the eye… man I’d love to meet your hubby he sounds my type of man… typical Aussie…

  5. I’ve seen a steel chest ripped open by one of them…there was food inside and the had to have it. That jaw strength is truly impressive!

  6. So glad you mentioned the Joubert’s “Eternal Enemies”. It’s one of my all time favourite documentaries, and that closing sequence when the lion bears down on the hyena still gives me the chills everytime I see it.

    • I have the DVD in my cabinet and watch it often… the last scene often gets a cheer from me… almost has that – the bully getting his arse kicked – feel to it…

    • They are not as bad as in the Lion King… lol… felt they got the bad end of the stick there, but then in the film industry some of the stars turn out to be baddies that actually are not in real life… I know what you mean Ronnie, thanks for the comment, join me here to see how wonderful this animal is…

  7. Another set of stunning images. They don’t look that mean, but then, neither do some humans. I still wouldn’t want to invite them over for tea. If I ever get to your neck of the woods, I’ll remember to steer clear of hyenas.

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