Puff Adder… Africa’s deadliest. (Well I think so)….

Any where from below the equator in Africa, you can find the Puff Adder. A deadly snake that can reach 1.2 m or 4 ft. long, a body girth of 30 cm or a ft. and fangs the size of sewing needles just a lot thicker.

It will lie quietly next to a pathway and when you virtually stand on it, bite you on the ankle… not that it was waiting for you, it was waiting for its prey. Will it get out of your way? No.

This species is responsible for more fatalities than any other African snake. This is due to a combination of factors, including its wide distribution, common occurrence, large size, potent venom that is produced in large amounts, long fangs, their habit of basking by footpaths and sitting quietly when approached.

The venom has cytotoxic effects and is one of the most toxic of any vipers. Cytotoxic, kills cells. Venom yield is typically between 100–350 mg, with a maximum of 750 mg. About 100 mg is thought to be enough to kill a healthy adult human male, with death occurring after 25 hours. A painful death I’m told…

So my recommendation is … stay away from the blunt end of this footless killer… I have caught many and relocated them, but I have probably killed just as many for frightening the becheeeezes out of me…

At the show….

victor 136

Well camouflaged in the grass….

victor 016

But I thought I’d show you some captures I’d made before of one I could get up close to…

rietvlei 28-10-2012 290

rietvlei 28-10-2012 295

rietvlei 28-10-2012 309

rietvlei 28-10-2012 317

Angry looking snake… she is talking to me … “Come closer, I want to bite you Bulldog” I was very close, but because of the way she lay on the tarmac she could not have struck at me without first moving her head and coiling her body… How do I know she is a she?? The female has a shorter tail than the male…