Hartlaub’s Gull… great pilots…

On our recent visit to Cape Town, one of my favourite places is Houtbay… There is the greatest little food spot called “Fish on the Rocks” with the British flag flying where ever you look… we won’t hold that against them, as their calamari is to die for….

But Houtbay has a lot of seagulls associated with the area, as it is a big fishing industry harbour… (more photos of that to follow)

Cape Town is well known for its wind… it can blow so hard that a rectum reaction is often felt. These gulls however hover in that wind, not a flapping of the wings, like the experienced pilots they are. They can hang there and take a chip or calamari ring from your hand so gently that you feel you could share the whole packet with them.

Some people do, not I, if they think I fly down from Gauteng to share such tasty calamari with them, they must think again… Go catch your own… This girl fed all hers to them while the boyfriend took photos…


I like to call these next photos – Hovering gulls…






But this photo you just have to love… go on say differently….


63 thoughts on “Hartlaub’s Gull… great pilots…

    • Was down in your part of the world for a very quick trip… had to look at two businesses my son was interested in buying… flew in on the Sunday last and returned on Tuesday… got to Houtbay and the normal places one can reach quickly… saw flamingos at Milnerton but too far to capture a photo of… the Gulls were at Houtbay… but then I’m sure you spotted that from the back ground of the photos…

  1. By the time I get to read your posts, there are normally dozens and dozens of comments which I also love to read. They usually cover everything I was thinking – in this case seagulls = poop and Hitchcock references. I too laughed out loud at the last picture – good one!!
    Sorry to hear about your health concerns. Hope it turns out to be minor.

    • Thanks Joanne… I’m being admitted to hospital next Tuesday and a barrage of tests are to be done – hopefully we will get an answer next week…

  2. You are too funny Bulldog! Love those hovering gulls. When we were in the Outer Banks on a ferry, we had a similar experience. I would not be sharing my calamari with gulls either. 🙂

    • Thanks LuAnn… the Cape is well known for its fish food as everything is fresh and not frozen, I love the calamari there as it just melts in the mouth, now who would want to share that with the birds… ??? They can catch their own…

  3. Great pictures! I love the ocean. My favorite time is winter, though. There is just a special difference then in smells, looks, etc.
    Sorry about the testing tomorrow. Will keep you in my prayers.
    God’s blessings.

  4. If the calamari are that good I wouldn’t waste them on the seagulls. Fresh calamari, chips, glass of chilled wine or beer, what more could you possibly want.

  5. WOW! They are amazing, how excited I can imagine dear Rob, you did a great shots, I loved them all, but especially the last one and his standing! Yhank you, love, nia

  6. Haha…great post for many reasons, not least of all because you mentioned the British flag… 😉 Your hovering seagull shots are excellent, I love the definition of their wings against the scenery in the background. Great captions too, especially that last one. Thanks for the smiles Bulldog 😀

  7. Bulldog, these photos are absolutely stunning! It looks so beautiful there and sea air always makes me feel healthier, more energetic, playful, happy, etc… 🙂
    Diana xo

    • Thanks Diana.. it was one of the few occasions that the weather was fairly nice for our short visit, and these birds just played along nicely… I wish I’d felt healthier, not unfortunately, returned to see the Dr. and going into hospital tomorrow for an angiogram… some thing not right with the ticker…

  8. What great seagull shots. Love them. That last one brought a big grin with that caption.

    And there’s no way I’d be sharing my calamari with them – I just love that stuff (especially when it’s been cooked properly and sooooooo tender. So many people overcook it and make it rubbery).

    • The calamari at Houtbay comes from the sea to the plate, cooked by experts and merely melts in the mouth… who shares that with the birds,,?? Not I…

    • Thanks Anneli… just came and stood by me like that… I think you might like a few of the posts coming up from Houtbay where I took photos of all the little fishing vessels that make their living out to sea…
      Not sure when they will be posted as I’m off to the hospital again tomorrow…angiogram coming up…

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