The Flitting, Frivolous, Fulvous Whistling Duck…

The White-faced Whistling duck are not impressed with the Fulvous Whistling Duck, they think they are far too busy. I have to agree with them, they never seem to stand still.


Swimming around beaks underwater in search of who knows what, as their feeding habits are reported as seeds and other parts of plants. In fact they are considered a pest in rice paddies. But they seem to follow one another around in search of whatever it is they are searching for.




fulvous whistling duck



Aaaah maybe the slime is what they are looking for….. But you should all know this bird as it seems to live all over the world…

For those of you that missed the news the growths are not malignant… good news… now only bumps to negotiate and no mountains to climb…

80 thoughts on “The Flitting, Frivolous, Fulvous Whistling Duck…

  1. There is something so comical about ducks doing their ducky thing. I love these photos. And YIPPEE about your bumps. Much easier to deal with than the alternative… 🙂 🙂

  2. I’m doing a happy dance with you, Rob. I really am…there is something so unnerving while we wait for biopsy results! I am sending a big hug all the way from California, and saying a “thank you” prayer, too. I do like ducks! We finally have a bird we can both enjoy from our own homes. LOL! It had to come down to ducks to find that commonality! 🙂

    • Thanks Debra… I must admit we did not go through as much anguish with these results as we did with Linda’s three… the hard tissue sort of gave me a bit of confidence and I think Linda’s experience helped me not think on it too much… however one still frets no matter how much confidence one shows on the outside, so it was still a relief to get the result… Emphysema and sleep apnea was enough bad news for me even though the lung function completely blew the Doctor away… he could not believe I have the lung capacity I do for someone that has smoked for 50 years… I put it down to all the walking I’ve done all my life in my business day and of course my hobby… the sleep apnea, we will be getting a machine to correct that, then I’m as good as new… well we hope so… but thank you Debra I know you mean every word and thanks for the prayer, it means a lot to me…

  3. Finally a fowl we both have! Their calls are so joyous and I had a great surprise to see them engaged in a turf war with another group of ducks, they were fearless and won the pond.

  4. Golden ducks, how beautiful. Their colors are amazing – We have loads of ducks, but I have never seen any chicks .. and most ducks are male.
    Wonder why??? .

  5. I think you can growl now nothing serious to worry about. What ever bumps there are just well…bumps on the road and can be negotiated around. Pretty soon you will be looking back and pat yourself in the back that once again you won over some bumps.

    I first encounter these ducks in Florida and I find them very cute and adorable as they whistled.

    • Thank you, I love their whistling but their continuous swimming with their beak in the water just fascinates me more…. Thank you the bumps we can handle…

    • Thanks Russ… not ever one goes back to their comments and reads what everyone else said, just felt for those that missed it the first time should read the news……

  6. Wonderful, fantastic, so happy for you Bulldog and now you can focus on getting all the other ‘stuff’ sorted out. Oh…and the duck photos aren’t too bad either, lol 😉

  7. I’m so relieved to hear the good news that the bumps are benign, Bulldog. Thank goodness the waiting is over.

    Yes, I have many photos of the Plumed Whistling Ducks and Wandering Whistling Ducks from Melbourne Zoo, but haven’t seen them in the wild. They are such an attractive duck and I love your images (of them).

    • Thanks Vicki… that is the one thing I noticed they do take on slight differences throughout the world but basically seem to be the same duck… popular eating as well I’m told…

  8. Oh that is the BEST news! I’m sure your family (and you!) are much relieved you’re cancer free!!
    I love the markings on these beautiful ducks. That deep rust on their heads is quite something!

    • Thank you so much… we did expect the results yet still were relieved to here all was ok…
      I love this duck as well more than the White-faced… they just seem so much cleaner…

  9. I knew all would be well but it was still so wonderful to see it in print! We are so pleased for you and Linda and know that the two of you together will negotiate the bumps just fine. Love that first shot of the white-faced whistling ducks but it is the news of your biopsy result that has me smiling today. 🙂

    • Thank you LuAnn… yes we did expect the result to be in my favour, yet loved hearing it was so… the emphysema is irreversible but I can live around that and the sleep apnea we can do something about… the reflux and its damage is manageable, so now it is just a case of getting over ops and getting as fit as possible again… going through a bit of hell with the lung they collapsed, but Bulldogs don’t cry we just grin and bear it… growl a lot though, shame poor Linda….

  10. So relieved to hear your good news, Rob! God hears prayers….He is so good!! Thank you for sharing. Will be still praying for the bumps in the road left to navigate. Blessings……

    • Thank you Skye, yes the power of prayer is never doubted in our family… and like with Linda He brought me through this with small things to live with in the future… but that is the easy bit… Thanking Him is the main thing now…

  11. It always surprises me how ducks appear to relax with one eye open – no doubt watching out for predators. It doesn’t matter how common the wildlife, it’s always inspiring and challenging to capture good photos.

  12. Absolutely fantastic, Rob! I like bumps (mountains are far too treacherous).

    Your photos are great (I secretly adore ducks and have flying ducks on the kitchen wall at the RUC!) LOL 😀

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