Kudu Portraits….

If there is one antelope I love to see it is the Kudu. They are so gracious in their movement, their poise and composure. Their grace in flight with the loping canter and almost casual stance when watching your movement, all goes to making them a favourite of mine…

Here’s a few more photos I took recently… the male strolled across the road and the female stood posing with little to no concern of our proximity….



and now our lady poser…




67 thoughts on “Kudu Portraits….

  1. Amazing you can get so close to them. Presumably, they’re just use to humans because they’re in a national park.

    • No they just continue to grow… had the privilege of seeing one that was considered to have a record length horn… being considered 74 inches… wow that was a sight to see and I never had my camera with me…

    • Dianne thank you so much… yes I post more photos than anything else here. This blog started off as a place to keep my photos having lost all in a flood that inundated our house in 2001. It has become just so much more now and I love the interaction with others that have become friends through this media.
      I appreciate the award offered and accept it with all honour and humility. I actually keep all of these on a file to stoke my ego every now and then but do not publish them on my blog, but I do thank you for the kind thoughts and words and place this comment in my special file called “Ego boosts.”
      I have written more on an other site where I practiced my English writing before beginning on my book. I have 250 odd articles on that site and have had 180 000 odd reads, but having now completed my book (a memoir of my growing up and life experiences I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in the wild with animals) I very seldom write an article.

    • Thank you Paula… he is very well sought after specially for those horns, unfortunately too often to have them adorn someones wall and not their photograph…
      As to my health, coming along slowly but thank you for asking…

  2. This handsome male … is only muscles – stunning animal – and the female is really feminine – great images as always! Wish you two a great weekend.

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