One I think We All Know… the Egyptian Goose.

This bird or goose seems to have entrenched itself all over the world… this might have been because it was taken to places it not normally habituates…. But one thing is for sure it is pretty well entrenched all over Africa…

This goose is not loved by all, very few in fact, but shame I thought I’d give it a little publicity…

tania 165


And some little ones….

sun 17-07-2011 116

sun 17-07-2011 117

Clean up time…

sun 17-07-2011 121

What is up there.?????????

Tania rietvlei 01-08-12 063

One of its enemies…..!!!!

sun 17-07-2011 071

The Fish Eagle…..


66 thoughts on “One I think We All Know… the Egyptian Goose.

  1. You know, Rob, I’ve never heard of a Fish Eagle or an Egyptian Goose. I am introduced to so many new creatures by way of your shares! I love the aerial photo with the water droplets. That’s a keeper! 🙂

  2. Geese are definitely not our favorites here, but my little one says the pink legs makes up for the rest. 🙂 Awesome shots, Bulldog!

  3. It sounds like a goose is a goose regardless of whether it’s Egyptian or Canadian. I heard them described once as Flying Cows because all they do is eat and poop … a lot …. everywhere.

  4. In effetti non è molto bella questa oca, però non capisco perché non sia amata, è pur sempre un animale e come tale deve essere amato. Troppo facile amare solo i belli 🙂
    Ciao, Patrizia

  5. The first time I saw an Egyptian Goose was last winter in Texas. Hubby and I had to Google to figure out what it was. Always love seeing little ones 🙂

  6. I have seen none of these type of geese in Colchester in the UK, the Canada Geese occasionally make an appearance.

  7. I don’t know the Egyptian Goose, so thanks for introducing us. 😉 Great captures once again, I especially like the ones with the babies. 🙂

    • It is the damage they do on Golf Courses that makes most of us hate them… but they also tend to dominate the ponds displacing the other ducks smaller than them…

  8. Why is it not loved? It’s a pretty bird and unless it uninvitedly took over your water feature, what could it do to annoy anyone?

    Haha, never mind…just saw your golf course comments. 😉

  9. Love the one in the water…and the babies of course! Geese aren’t my favourite either but your photographs make them look really sweet 🙂

  10. I’m sure we have these in Britain. The little ones are cute whether or not liked when older. Geese can leave a real mess though where they congregate in large numbers as I witnessed yesterday on local parkland.

    • They are pretty well hated on golf courses due to their spreading of foreign grasses on greens where they love to congregate.. Here they are especially prevalent spreaders of Poa Annua grasses, definitely not wanted on bent or any other of our SA greens grasses… and there is nothing worse than getting on the green for two to discover a big turd drop directly on your line… you can remove it but it still sticks to your ball…

  11. We love the Egyptian goose. He has a unique sound and hisses like me. This year we have more of them than before, so the population is spreading here too. As always beautiful photos and captions. Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂

    • Thank you… I wouldn’t mind them at all if they just stayed off the golf course where they tend to do their business on the greens and spread so many foreign grass seed

  12. aw it’s lovely – the chicks super cute. I like the dark around the eye – makes it look more interesting. Agree with Anneli perhaps it is the pink legs – when you first see it, but it is actually quite lovely. Gets my vote!

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