Saving Dragons

Are all store owners qualified to sell their so called pets… read George’s post and wow, look at the brilliant photography…

She Kept A Parrot

Lucy’s July Fourth Portrait

She has been with us for two months.

She is eleven inches long and very wide.

She is officially a juvenile dragon.


Actually, Lucy is a Lucifer.

Lesson #1

When you choose names for pets

thatare notdimorphic

Choose gender neutral names

if it matters to you.


This sad photo was filed under the title, “Day One”.

I thought this little creature was so cute.

That’s all I knew about Dragons.

What I didn’t know is that she was horribly dehydrated.

She was malnourished.

The bend in her tail was symptomatic of MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease)

Caused by a calcium deficiency.


The supervisor of the exotic animals at the chain pet store

Told me to feed mealworms as you see here.

I had no idea that they have virtually no nutritional value

and the exoskeleton causes impaction in dragons.

Crickets have little nutritional value…

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24 thoughts on “Saving Dragons

  1. I didn’t know, for some odd reason, that you re-blogged this post. Thank you very much, Rob. You are too kind to me! And I am such a bad follower! :-/
    I am scrolling back through the posts that I missed. Some really outstanding photography and information here too. You write so very well, Rob! Thanks again! 🙂

  2. My daughter had two Dragons, but the female died 2 weeks ago, while she was in labour 😦 They are very cute. I like the headbanging when I come to visit 😀 Excellent photos. I’ll hop over to the blog of George now to see the rest 🙂

    • George mastered this with research on the internet and finding the experts, I wonder how many others do that or do they sit and witness the demise of their pet not knowing they are doing everything wrong??

  3. I like the first photo especially and good to read the story about the dragon. Photography is so inspiring, and as a bonus naturally encourages learning.

  4. Thanks for sharing this I had no idea, poor poor dragons. I wonder how many other pet store animals die of the same fate, that Lucy could have. Makes me sad. But seeing Lucy now, makes me very happy.

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