A wily old fellow … just returning from his bath…

This old guy had just been for a bath and even the tick birds on his back seemed relaxed… Oh to be able to wallow in mud and not be chided by your mother or wife…




Now that looks like a good facial treatment….



Is this what they call a sh…t, shave and a shampoo..?


Definitely a full facial treatment…


The ox pecker seems to be checking if the facial was done correctly….

61 thoughts on “A wily old fellow … just returning from his bath…

  1. I just love your commentary Bulldog. I had to Google oxpecker to see if that was your terminology or the bird’s real name (lol). 🙂

  2. The humorous text is as good as the pics! Then again, cheers to you having a good lens to shorten the distance because I know you prefer to keep your distance from these guys.

  3. I think it’s so funny to see the little birds perched on the back of big animals. Obviously the big animals don’t see to mind … there must be some benefit to them being there.

    • We were close… but he was docile and resting up… seemed little concerned about us… wasn’t my vehicle so if he had decided to add a bump or two it would not have been for my pocket… it is a white rhino and they don’t normally charge… if it was a black rhino I can assure you I would have been using all 720 mm of my lens and then a lot of cropping as well…. lol

  4. wow he is impressive. You totally crack me up with your wit in your comments – put a smile on my face to start the day. Agree with everyone above – I envy you being able to see all these magnificent animals. Love it.

  5. Great photos bulldog! Every time I see close ups of such big animals, I find myself hoping you have a really good zoom lens and that you’re not putting yourself in danger!
    Diana xo

    • Thanks Gail… some (like this one) can be gentle giants… others need more room… pity you never got to see this guy when on safari… quite a sight to see…

  6. He’s a big lad who looks like he’s been around the block a few times. Amazing that you can see these animals on a daily basis.

    • This one was close but very relaxed… just resting away the day… it is the white rhino not known as aggressive as the black… quite docile actually… thank you Maralee…

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