All Things Large and Small…..

When one takes to the Kalahari, specially the Kgalagardi Gemsbok Park.. you are all excited about the possibilities of seeing one of these… ‘specially a close encounter like this…

Kalagadi 1278

But there are other smaller animals that can be as entertaining if not more so and the yellow mongoose is no exception specially when so close… what? sharing the food again…

Kalagadi 851

Or the ground squirrels that can be so entertaining and “in your face” close…

Kalagadi 601

Kalagadi 605

Wonder where he stores his nuts.?????…….

Kalagadi 606

Kalagadi 607

More Squirrels on Monday………..

48 thoughts on “All Things Large and Small…..

  1. My little one wants one for Christmas….she says she will take either. 🙂 Thinking a Guinea Pig may be a better idea. Wonderful shots that thrilled us once more!!

  2. Apart from a few battle scars the lion looks pretty content with life. And squirrels everywhere, do anything for food.

    • Thanks Brian, yep the lion was definitely content, but has had a few scrapes… give him another year or two and let his mane grow to full size and he will be magnificent scars and all…

    • Thanks Jan… he has had a few battles in his life, not the best specimen that I’ve seen… but he had two females with him so he had to have won a battle or two…

  3. What an interesting little guy – more squirrel-like than mongoose in appearance – at least, compared with our banded variety. Mr Leo seems to have had occasion to stick his nose into some bad claws …

    • The yellow mongoose is actually so different from the banded… seldom seen more than one at a time, bit of a loner, and more pencil like … just as vicious when it comes to snakes I believe…
      The lion had definitely fought hard to keep his two female companions… not the most impressive specimen, but has obviously won a battle or two and has the scars to show for it…

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