Wolhuter and the lion

The Kruger National Park in its early days was not for the faint of heart… this is a long read but well worth it for those wanting to know a bit about the early years…

de Wets Wild

Among the valuable historical items on display in the Stevenson-Hamilton Memorial Library at Skukuza in the Kruger National Park, is the skin of the lion that attempted to make a meal of the legendary ranger, Harry Wolhuter, and the tiny knife that put an end to its plan.


 “It is probable that the lion would have grasped me by the head, and then this book would assuredly never have been written! “

Ranger Wolhuter recounted the story in his memoirs, “Memories of a Game Ranger”, published in 1948:

In August, 1903, I was returning from one of my usual patrols on the Olifants. On the second day after leaving the camp my objective was a certain waterhole en route, at which I intended spending the night, when we reached it we found that the pool was dry. It was now about 4 p.m., and the only thing to be…

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13 thoughts on “Wolhuter and the lion

    • There were many that met their demise for trying to take humans as food…. fortunately there are more people who have met their demise from this very fact…

    • It is stories like this that just make my day… how I would have loved to live here back then, BUT I’d have wanted the camera I now have to record life…

  1. It was a good idea to share this story Rob. I enjoyed reading it. Clearly the ranger was very lucky to survive.

      • Agree! My old travel pictures with a better camera!!! All the old photos….Well, I always was interested in trying to take good pictures but in the old days of film, it was so expensive and I didn’t have a steady hand, so I wasted a lot of money. The beauty of digital (and better cameras) is that even amateurs like me can take advantage of the minimal cost.

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