Entertaining squirrels of the Kalahari….

Just some more photos continuing on the theme of Fridays post…

“Oh, Oh, who’s that behind me..???……”

Kalagadi 652

“Hello hello hello… what have we here?? A camera with a face attached to it…”

Kalagadi 658

“Think I’ll dig a new hole… hope the wife keeps out of it this time…”

Kalagadi 707

“Damn here she comes..”

“Hey Hubby.. digging a new hole…. let me help…”

Kalagadi 713

“Get out the way… you are making a mess of this… let me show you how…”

Kalagadi 715

“Gone off sulking again… will never listen, just like a man who will never ask directions…”

Kalagadi 718

“She really thinks she’s a know it all…. I’ll just hide behind my tail… anyway I’ve never been lost a day in my life….”

Kalagadi 704

It is such fun to listen to these animals talk to each other…..

53 thoughts on “Entertaining squirrels of the Kalahari….

  1. hahahaha I love their conversation. I just wonder why men don’t ask for directions. I think that will simplify a lot of things, specially finding the way back after getting lost.

  2. Your photos and commentary are as entertaining as usual Rob. However, squirrels can be annoying when they destroy bird feeders and guzzle all the food.

  3. You are thoroughly entertaining, Rob, and so are your critter friends. I love your new blog header, too. He looks so peaceful. Hope you didn’t wake him up as you snapped his picture. Just sayin’

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