A visitor or two to the camp site…..

These videos where shared on a Facebook page which I follow… it is the Kgalagadi Sightings page… these two videos were taken at a camp site to which my son and I will be going soon… it gives you an idea of how close we can get back to nature… this type experience is just so special…

If the links do not open just copy and paste them to your browser and they should open… not to long but well worth the view…



I have two contracts to work through, but will be in and out whenever I can… they should keep me busy till the end of August…


45 thoughts on “A visitor or two to the camp site…..

  1. What a variety of photo shoots from the small ostrich chicks rescued by you Bulldog to the powerful buffalo Mom ignoring her little one’s plea to suckle, shame man. The rhino photos leave a lump in my throat with their BUMPS instead of magnificent horns. A crying shame what despicable man has reduced them to…! Happy travels further for you and Linda. 🙂

  2. Agreed. this is a magnificent site and the lions were curious yet well behaved. It would be the coming of night that would drive me crazy, sleeplessly wondering if they might return. I’d be too afraid to take a chance on this.

    Hope the contracts pan out nicely.

    • Thanks Mrs P. the first contract is going well and nearing completion…
      There is nothing like sleeping out there wondering what might visit in the night, but one thing they have never been known to enter a tent in the park, so if you’re inside you’re safe… but a real adrenaline rush…

  3. Life sure is different there! Bear sightings are on the rise in northeast USA, but our big cat population is still mostly in the Rockies and out west in general–they get jackals too. We don’t have any neighborhood bears as yet (whew) but a copperhead snake can ruin your whole day–and we have plenty of those. Great videos, Rob–thanks for sharing them.

  4. I would love to see lions up close and personal, but would leave the physical contact to the experts. There are too many stories of wild and even domesticated animals turning on humans.

    • It probably isn’t but they tend to ignore them for some or other reason… unless of course you have fresh meat lying about… and that would be stupid…

  5. I did safari in Chobe, Botswana and lions came right up outside the truck window. It didn’t seem real at the time but with hindsight it’s scary, but wonderful!

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if these big cats would let us go up to them and pet them as if they were small domestic cats. When I had my two cats (brothers) I used to wish they could be huge, or at least as big as an ocelot. It would be such a thrill to pet them. Cats are such magnificent animals. I bet the lion in this photo would love to pet me too, as he licks his chops over my dead body.

    • I would love to pet them … as long as they showed me lots of returned love before they ate me… Have you seen this clip…??

      Now I wish I could do that…

      • The comment someone made about him interfering with nature had me chuckling. Nature is all of us, animals and people. The man interfered with the commentor’s rigid idea of what nature should be.
        As for the guy getting his fill of petting the lions, I wish him continued good luck. I hope the lions are well fed.

  7. I think I’ll stick to Melbourne Zoo, Bulldog.
    I would have dropped dead if they’d sniffed around MY tent and I was lying in a sleeping bag. They would have got fresh ‘human’ for breakfast for sure.

    I don’t think I’m a big cat person.

    • I think the minute they see you, and you show no fear they take off… shouting or banging on a pot will have them flee… but hey who wants to do that this is an experience one should enjoy… that’s what one would refer to as a close encounter with nature…

    • Such an experience is the most wonderfully exciting thing you can have… there were apparently 12 in the pride which included an old female and a big male… the man had risen early and spotted them crossing the pan and had time to warn everyone who then jumped into the vehicle… another experience I know of the people awoke to them walking next to their tent and spent a few hours as they pride inspected their campsite and drank from the shower that was apparently leaking… there is no recent recording of anyone being attacked by lion in the park… they would probably flee if you shouted at them…

      • After having read what you wrote, this experience is probably not much different than having a grizzly come into your campsite in Yellowstone NP. Although there have been some attacks, they are rare, and to see such an amazing wild animal up-close in their environment would be very special.

        • Now would that not be a wonderful thing to experience .. one of those big bears up close… oh wow I can just think how it would be… there is another photog at a similar camp site when the lion came to visit… he was in his tent and opened the zip quietly and stuck his camera out to take photos… one lion came over to investigate and he snapped a shot when it was sniffing away… the shutter noise frightened it and it took off, the rest of the pride followed… I believe he regrets not switching to silent mode on the camera…

  8. Wow! When I clicked on the links it went to the page but didn’t open the video, but when I then clicked on ‘Back to album’ on the facebook page, the two videos were there and then I was able to open them. My heart was pounding watching those!

    • We have had a similar experience in the old Rhodesia in the Tuli Circle a favourite spot where we often camped… it was the most exciting experience I’ve ever had, but as soon as the lion recognised us through the vehicles window they took off…. but to watch them that close was incredible,,,

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