A weekend off and what did I see….?? Baby Rhino….

Been hard at it, but it has been great. Enthusiastic employees makes training easy. A weekend off and Linda and I made a turn at Rietvlei Dam and guess what? We got some photos and over heard a conversation.

Ah Mommy looking for what there is to eat……


And under the tree having an afternoon nap like all good children should do… Baby…..


So small and already growing a horn… what that is a horn?????


Maybe we should just call it a … BUMP…..


“Come little one lets see what is over here…”


“What are we looking for Mom.???”

“Something to eat..!!”

“But I thought we lived on Milk from your belly..”


“I know what I eat is under there…”


“Whooow Mom what a big Butt you got.!!”

“Watchit …. that is not what you say to a lady…”


73 thoughts on “A weekend off and what did I see….?? Baby Rhino….

  1. Awww…I think she is sweet. I am so glad you and Linda had some downtime together and that the Lord afforded you this experience!! Also so glad that you are working with people that are making your life easier. You sooooo deserve it!! You are daily in my thoughts and prayers, Dear Friend.

  2. hahahahaha! Oh, you always know how to make me laugh Rob. What a cutie and such excellent captures of these beauties! Thanks for sharing. 😀

  3. so cute!!! Wow, you and Linda are so incredibly lucky to have these wonderful wildlife experiences. Enjoy them my friend! and thanks for sharing – as close as I get are your blogs.

  4. The news of a baby rhino at Rietvlei is indeed a reason to celebrate, when normally the only news we get about rhinos these days are either bad or worse… Great pictures Bulldog, maybe someone somewhere sees his cute little face and decides to quit believing that the little “bump” on his nose belongs anywhere else.

  5. I don’t think there’s a baby critter out there that isn’t cute and this little guy is adorable. Hope you’re not working too hard 🙂

    • They are so feisty even at this age … have a photo of this one trying to intimidate a full grow eland bull… lol… loving the work and should finish first contract next week then on to next… looks like there could be more lined up for September… but we need the money as Doctors short falls (insurance payout shortfalls) are pouring in, last few months have been a tad expensive with my health, but with the new apparatus for my sleep apnea, I’m like a man 20 years younger, feeling great…

      • 20 years younger? Not sure if that’s a good thing for Linda or not LOL, but I am definitely glad to hear you are doing well and the business is taking off 🙂

      • Just read this reply to Ingrid. So you like the sleep apparatus…WOW, I am happy to hear that. Twenty years younger…makes me rethink trying it out again. What;s the name of your machine?

        • Hi Mrs P. my machine is the Resmed S8 and I’m using a full mask… I thought it would be uncomfortable but I find it fine… the difference of getting between 6 and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and waking with 90 % blood oxygen levels compared to 3 to 4 hours of interrupted sleep and rising with a blood oxygen level of 53 % is such a pleasure I cannot describe it… Linda says I’ve even started singing when I rise, which wakes her but she is so happy to see me alive and keen to get at work etc, she says nothing…. My daughter says it fixes everything in me except my deafness… lol… I will never be able to give this up, it is like a drug to me….

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