Run a little… ride a bike…. and then run some more…

Momentum Life have come up with a series of Saturday races for those so inclined to rather do this than spend an hour on a psychiatrists couch….

It is a run of 5 kilometres ( 3,125 miles) then a bicycle ride of 30 kilometres (18,75 miles) then another run of 2,5 kilometres ( 1,56 miles)…. now none of these distances seem all that far, but, and its a big BUT, the elevations one goes up and down vary by 500 metres ( about 1550 feet)….

Now I think you realise why I say they should rather see a psychiatrist….

Nearing the end of the race there is a dam crossing that one can attempt on a floating walkway, or, you can take the chicken run across the dam wall…. fortunately for me some decided on the floating path and I was there to take the photos…



All looked good and this photo shows the thousands of idiots that wanted to attempt this race…


My SiL was one of those… I was not there for the race, I have more brains with plenty of life savvy… but I was there to see someone fall in the water… and some obliged….




Some got chicken and turned back……


But I just loved the scenery and all that came with it…..


The area where they raced had all this wild life on the property and it was interesting to see wildebeest running to get out of the way of runners/ cyclists/ runners……