“Ag Pleez Mamma wont you let me haz a drink….”

This young buffalo was doing his best to get his mother to stand for a drink…. I think she was ignoring him as a weaning tactic… but it was amusing and interesting to capture on camera… he ended lying on top of her like a puppy or lion cub would do on their mothers….







One can almost see the pleading by the youngster… and the last photo, momma seems to be saying an emphatic “NO !!!”


53 thoughts on ““Ag Pleez Mamma wont you let me haz a drink….”

  1. Too bad, I am having some connection errors so much so that I can’t see all of the photos. I do love the picture of the baby on the Mummy’s tummy. He is in some ways like a human baby. 🙂

  2. Now I’m singing Jeremy Taylor’s “Ag Pleez Daddy take us to the drive-in”, damn you….. Jokes aside this is what makes your wildlife pictures stand out from the rest, totally different perspective. Love it. Ag shame, poor thirsty little boy 🙂 Laura

    • I am so pleased to hear that I’ve been harmonizing with you all day… can’t get the damn tune out of my own head…. Thank you for such kind words Laura…

  3. Fantastic – definitely “no” in the last one LOL. Agree with Brian, would be great to have the opportunity to experience this. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times….. all together now…… hope you realise how lucky you are!

    • Thanks Jan… you know I think most of the time I forget just how privileged I am to be able to see and photograph the animals and birds that I do… but then I wonder if you realise how lucky you are to ride those magnificent routes that you do, that Stephen takes such magnificent photos of…. We all have our privileges that others don’t have … I just can’t help it if mine is better than yours…LOLOLOL….

    • I think so too Reggie, but like most kids I think it was taking a chance… I just loved the way it settled on top of is Mom and had a rest….

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