In the still of the night…. preparing for work…

As i sit in front of the thin box preparing for the day to start.. I keep thinking of what you are all up to – In the still of the night –




29 thoughts on “In the still of the night…. preparing for work…

    • So busy with work contracts have not had time to post a thing… went out today with the camera for the first time in 3 weeks … got some great photos…
      BUT we are off to Pretoria again on Monday for work and that shall keep me busy till 17th then I have a break and will be back on the air… glad some of you are missing me… lol

    • Thanks LuAnn still hard at work with more coming in… finishing up in Kathu at Sishen Golf Club this weekend then returning for some more work in Pretoria, then returning to kathu before going to Natal for work there…. life is treating us well at the moment and one hopes it will continue thus… need the money to replace that which we spent on the software writing… health is improving and am still not smoking which I think is good news…. thanks so much for the message… hope to get back onto the air soon, or not, if the work is too much… don’t know which to hope for more…

      • So glad to hear that your health continues to improve and that work seems to be plentiful for now. We need to “make hay when the sun shines”, whatever the heck that means! Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and Linda and I always wish you both the very best. 🙂

  1. Hi bulldog, sorry I haven’t been around lately, the war in Gaza had me deeply heartbroken. How are you doing? and how is your health?

    • Hi Genie… I haven’t been around for a while as I have two contracts I’m busy with at the moment… My health is improving in leaps and bounds, thank you for asking…. Yes, Gaza remains a heart break in most peoples lives… how we wish for just peace and harmony throughout the world….

  2. 10:34 pm here and I’m reading posts and have a dolphin/whale documentary and how they mate show on the TV playing in the background. Did you know dolphins have an 11 month gestation period and suckle their young for 18 months?

    Have a great day bulldog and as always, love the photos!
    Diana xo

  3. middle of the day for us – not a particularly nice day though with severe weather warning for pretty much the whole country. Ski fields will be happy though with snow forecast for them. Enjoy your day – hope you have a super duper day. 🙂

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