If you could only see in the mirror what I see….

Why is what we see in a mirror, not how others see us ?? Should we even care ?? I love the reflections these birds make, but not always what I see in the mirror……







I was returning from work today and spotted these on a lake in the middle of a housing area… sneaked on in and took some photos… will be posting more of these when time allows…

68 thoughts on “If you could only see in the mirror what I see….

  1. These birds are so graceful and so are their reflections. You captured both masterfully, Rob. As for your reflection, there are different adjectives you’ll have to aim for other than “graceful or delicate.” That’s okay. There are still lots of good adjectives out there! 😉

  2. Fabulous images! Love them all :). As for the mirror…Silly boy…giving up the smoking will keep that reflection in your mirror a lot longer…for which we are all most grateful!

    • Thanks Suzanne… the only problem with the more rounded me is my fitness level has never been so low, but we are working on that… need it to get back to my walks of some distance…. doing some gym work again trying to convert the barrel to a six pack… lol

        I’m actually cutting way back on chocolate and trying to walk daily.
        Remember how I told you about my checkup and they found polyps? That was two years ago and now I’ve had another one show up during a colonoscopy. Now I go back in a year.

        • Yep Chocs are now a no-no and Linda is watching me like the proverbial hawk… I just don’t seem to be able to convince her it’s good for me…. I am dreading the return for the next MRI in a month as it is time to see if the growth they could not reach last time via my back, has grown or not….if it has another op will be needed .. once again collapsing the lung before cutting it off…. only now just getting the lung right and might have to go through it all again…. I could not agree more.. re the colonoscopy… Linda’s colon cancer was discovered from a routine butt shot… and that was 20 years ago… just shows early detection saves lives… I have a butt shot regularly also…

          • Keep me posted on your MRI…..hopefully no changes,,I know you went through hell the last time 😦
            Don’t want you to go through that again!
            Say hello to Linda for me!

    • “On our block the guys call her flamingo
      Cause her hair glows like the sun
      And her eyes can light the sky
      When she moves she walks so fine just like a flamingo
      Crimson dress that clings so tight
      She’s out of reach and out of sight …….. Pretty Flamingo Manfred Mann ??

    • Thanks Brian… this type thing does not happen often, normally the water has a breeze blowing over it… so this was an opportunity I took advantage of… even though this was a first op to capture Flamingos… was a good day…

  3. Love these photos bulldog! My phone has a reverse photo option for selfies (it’s like looking in a mirror) I can’t get over how different I look when comparing the reverse photo option with the edited photo (vertical switch) Most of us know how we look in the mirror but that really isn’t how others see us!
    Diana xo

  4. Now over here the only place that you will see a great site like you caught, is at the zoo, the water is mucking and the birds aren’t as beautiful, I think, as in the wild.

    Thanks again, for the time you take to share all the neat things that you see.

    God bless
    Kymee ;o)

  5. Amazing reflections.
    Why does every one have such calm smooth water in their local area for photography and in mine, there are always ripples – is it because I don’t get up earlier enough in the morning when the day is born and winds are lighter?

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