What a breast….Crimson-breasted Shrike…

Crimson-breasted shrike (Laniarius atrococcineus) or the crimson-breasted gonolek;

‘Gonolek’ where did that name come from ?? It is supposedly imitative of its call.

It is a southern African bird. —- and it is beautiful… with that red breast you can’t mistake it… continually hopping around on the ground in search of food….


This shrike is extremely nimble and restless, its penetrating whistles often being the first sign of its presence, by no means a shy species. So when this one hopped about on a railway sleeper construction my camera’s shutter went wild….








52 thoughts on “What a breast….Crimson-breasted Shrike…

  1. What a superb series of images. And how lucky to catch the sun in the bird’s eye too.
    I love the brilliant red of it’s body – it certainly ‘stands out’

    • Thank you Ronnie… I had to buy a tablet for demos of our software and now find it easier to keep in touch not having to open a lap top… this one fits in my pocket…

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