I can’t stop…. I love my photos of these birds….








I took 173 photos of these birds and as yet have not found a single one that I must delete… maybe giving the camera a rest every now and then works……


57 thoughts on “I can’t stop…. I love my photos of these birds….

    • I have so many that I could do a good 20 posts on them… but the more I work the photos the more I realise I have to return to the dam when I’m back in the city….

      • Waiting with anticipation! I’ve started a new blog for a road trip I’m taking with a friend. We leave Sunday and will be touring through southwestern states in the US, would love for you to follow us and see our canyons and beautiful vistas. I’m going to be writing for a start up magazine on the photography end of travels. http://wp.me/54WX7

  1. No way to pick a favorite….although the caption for the first one might be “Competitors in the Anything you can do, I can do better”
    The second one: Fans of the TV series Headless Horseman doing imitations? OR “She’ll soon learn the Alice’s Red Queen isn’t kidding about that ‘Off with their heads command!’ When we say ‘Duck’ it doesn’t mean quackers.”

  2. I can see why you like them so much. They’re all good, however, I especially like the fifth one down. I bet you wouldn’t have taken so many in the days of film.

    • Thanks Lorna… 173 was actually quite a low take to my usual practice… to take 300 is nothing then tossing 250 of them for various reasons…. these though 173 and all good none needing rejection…

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