Stand back I know how big I get….

Between Pretoria and Kathu there is an ultra-city stop at Coligny.. (well I suppose it’s the nearest you’re gonna get to one on this back road).. This is a stopping spot for us so that Linda can off load and recharge the coffee levels.

I strolled around at the stop to stretch my legs, after 225 km driving the knees tend to feel it. to my surprise I saw this……….


A male ostrich with a single chick….. out with the camera and lets get closer. Having raised hundreds of these birds within the auspices of a contract I had with one of the mines in Lydenburg, I felt safe as the male was behind a fence…. The female was also near at hand behind the same fence….


“Surprise Surprise Surprise…” (as Gomer Pyle would have said) this side of the fence were more chicks… from experience I know these youngsters are quietly stupid and would need help to get back through the fence to their parents…. it’s one thing coming one way, but another going back in the pea size brain of an ostrich chick….


with a little encouragement… and a chase or two I got them all back to the safety of Dad, who, if given a chance, would have kicked the hell out of me. (I cover my escapades of raising ostriches within my book)… there are definite comical instances when dealing with these over sized birds…. here’s a few more photos of the young….





It is hard to believe that such a small chick becomes such a large bird…. Thank you Lord they don’t fly… dodging a bird dropping of its size would be a major effort and a definite sh..y memory….