To B&W or not to B&W…

A comment from a follower had me doing a few experiments… Lauramacky made a remark in reply to a comment I made on her post.. (CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT POST)now I’m not the biggest fan of B&W and said this on her post, but that the B&W that she is posting I find very good….

Her reply read as such —- “Wow thank you! I love colour as well (as you know) and I think you might surprise yourself with some of those bird images. I can totally see one of the flamingos with the reflections as B&W.” So I decided to convert a few flamingo photos to B&W… it worked in two ways… the flamingo are fine in B&W and it gave me an excuse to add a few more flamingo photos… here they are below with their original colour…



Not much difference .. although the colour has just that little bit more…here’s another…



Now this one works fine… BUT how would other bird photos work ?? ….



Now that did not work well… but then the original didn’t work well either with too much black on black background… But what of a almost B&W bird against a blue sky…..



Now this one has me in two minds… both work well…. so to Laura I say thank you for making me experiment… and Laura… now with the new knee, hope all is well soon that you can be up and about, and out with the camera once more…

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67 thoughts on “To B&W or not to B&W…

  1. I like the first BW photo as it highlighted the light and contrasts of the picture. It also emphasized the shape and the lines. One tends to look at the same photo from a different perspective once it is turned BW. Just my cheap two cents. 🙂

  2. You started me on something – Ive just been going through my photos on the scrounge for B & W…I prefer animals in colour and scenes in B&W and I seem to have to add shadows – the B&W appears not be dark enough

  3. I’m with you Bulldog. I have a bias for colour pictures, but sometimes a photo in B&W totally works and looks stunning. I think your flamingos and the last bird both look spectator in both colour and B&W.

  4. Yes. I like both. The animals with vibrant colors look especially amazing in color, but your B&W photos often look as amazing as your color photos and sometimes even more amazing.

    • Thank you… first the health is slowly getting there, just the weight gain since the stopping smoking has not helped matters much… But thanks for thinking of my health… I still have to say I think I prefer the colour… the more I look the more I’m convinced…

  5. OMG! YES! Rob, the B&W flamingos are really great! There is something about those reflections and curves that lend themselves to contrast which made me think of B&W. I’m so glad you tried it. Thanks for making me feel I inspired you. :))))

    • Well you did inspire me to do it and I enjoyed the experiment… I must admit although some came out well I still prefer the colour… but you last B&W of the country road is just spectacular and I can see why you went that way …

    • B&W photography has its place and I follow a few that capture mainly in that genre and do it very well…. but I’m not good at street or landscape photography and I think mine genre almost demands colour…

  6. In general, I’ve found it better to shoot in colour no matter what the subject. Then……if the contrast is ok (or needs a little tweaking to convert to B & W even), try it in B & W if you’ve a mind to.

    I actually prefer the flamingos in B & W now you’ve shown them to me.

    I haven’t found blue sky necessarily converts to B & W particularly well, it looks a little ‘muddy’. I’ll have to have another look at my book of Ansel Adam’s images to see whether most of his are overcast or cloudy skies ……or look as though they were blue (on the day of shooting).

    • Vicki … a lot of your photos would not be as good in colour as they are expertly beautiful in B&W… but then your genre leans towards a B&W photo (which you do so expertly)… but I have to say I prefer, with the birds and animals, colour….

  7. Pictures with contrast, texture and/or shape seem to work well in B & W, while pictures with similar tones do not work as well as demonstrated by your examples. I find it difficult to spot what might make a good B & W photo beforehand, and am often surprised by what works and what doesn’t work when experimenting at editing stage.

  8. Oh wow! I just love them Rob! The Black and White is so much more expressive, especially when there’s more texture in them. The first Flamingo shot and the Hornbill shot are my favourites. Absolutely stunning! 😀

    • Thanks Sonel for your input… I’m still not convinced the B&W works well for our countries birds and animals… but to each their own… thanks for the lovely comment…

      • All in the eye of the beholder Rob. Some photo’s works very well and some just don’t. I think these were spectacular … from my point of view. 😀

    • Thank you for your input… I still prefer the colour versions… specially for our birds and animals… B&W does work in a lot of instances, I just don’t think it does in my case, but the experiment was worth it…I loved all the differing comments… nice to hear what others think….

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