“I Taw I taw a Putty Tat”… Red-billed Spurfowl….

I came upon these youngsters scouting around in the grass, they seemed unaware of me as I crept closer…. and then….


“Whoooo what the hell is that ?? Oh it’s only a bulldog…” … “But let me get some height and have another look.”


“Yep a bulldog” …. (What the hell are they? Then I saw the parent and realised they were Juvies)


“Red-billed Spurfowl”… she moved closer to make my ID easier….


“This Bulldog seems more interested in Mom… let me strut my stuff….”


“Lets give him a pose…. a close-up… and now PUSH OFF so we can eat !!….”


“Let me close my eyes and pretend he’s not there….”


The red-billed spurfowl (Pternistis adspersus), also known as the red-billed francolin, is found in Angola, Botswana, Namibia, North West of South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

35 thoughts on ““I Taw I taw a Putty Tat”… Red-billed Spurfowl….

  1. Such beautiful captures! Thanks for sharing Rob. It’s always such a treat to visit your blog and see all the wildlife you have around you. 😀

  2. Wow! This is the first time I heard of and saw such a bird. Your captures are excellent as always, and so are your captions. I am glad that the birds are not so shy as to be bothered by one curious Bulldog. 🙂

  3. Wonderful photos and commentary, Rob! I bet they have an interesting call. I heard something odd down the creek yesterday when we were taking the dogs for a walk. I asked hubby who said he thought it sounded like some kind of guinea fowl but couldn’t pick it. It was a very long “hellogallomp’ sound. I thought it was some random man calling out to us! lol 😀

    • That they do… but to try and describe it would be impossible for me… but it is loud and carries so far… heard nthem once and went in search… traveled kms and never caught up… I think they had a good kilometre start…

  4. Le foto sono bellissime e lo è anche la presentazione, è divertente. In effetti in alcuni scatti sembra che ti guardino di traverso come a dire: Che cosa vuole questo tipo??? ahahaha
    Ciao, Pat

  5. Fun! I’ll bet what they were really saying is: “Hey, that’s that world-renowned wildlife photographer bulldog! Here’s our chance to be famous! Let’s strut our stuff. Hey, mom, come join us so you can be famous too.”

  6. You did well to get so close. This bird has a nice colourful eye to focus on. I’ve not heard of this bird before, but it’s not unlike a female pheasant in shape and size, which I managed to snap yesterday.

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