What is it with bee-eaters and me..?

There are bird photographers who’s work I admire in South Africa. Brian Culver, Harvey Grohmann, Robbie Aspeling, Helen Badenhorst and Gnatius de Lange…. but seldom would I say I get jealous of their work (says he tongue in cheek, these photographers are bloody brilliant)… however when it comes to bee-eaters I get jealous of anyone who manages to get a good photo…

I’ve seen photos of the bee-eaters lined up on a wire as though posing for the lucky photographer … peacefully tossing a bee into the air to be consumed…. why, oh why can I never get a photo like that.???

I sat patiently watching various Swallow-tailed Bee-eaters flitting between trees and gathering food in the air… did they ever come and sit closer to me ?? NO… I had to creep around to make these captures, not the best, but enjoy….