What is it with bee-eaters and me..?

There are bird photographers who’s work I admire in South Africa. Brian Culver, Harvey Grohmann, Robbie Aspeling, Helen Badenhorst and Gnatius de Lange…. but seldom would I say I get jealous of their work (says he tongue in cheek, these photographers are bloody brilliant)… however when it comes to bee-eaters I get jealous of anyone who manages to get a good photo…

I’ve seen photos of the bee-eaters lined up on a wire as though posing for the lucky photographer … peacefully tossing a bee into the air to be consumed…. why, oh why can I never get a photo like that.???

I sat patiently watching various Swallow-tailed Bee-eaters flitting between trees and gathering food in the air… did they ever come and sit closer to me ?? NO… I had to creep around to make these captures, not the best, but enjoy….








63 thoughts on “What is it with bee-eaters and me..?

  1. I think these photos are pretty great! This little guy cooperated for you, I think. You have a lot of patience to sit and wait for your bird photos, Rob. We all have our photographers we admire, and I really respect the work you do! I think your photos are top notch!

    • Yep Dianne… the catching of this bird in action would be the greatest pleasure… and that is what really upsets me when I see some photos caught by others…
      Thank you re the new look….I felt a change was needed…

  2. I totally agree – I stuffed myself up taking photos of birds! Carpet burn, sore neck, camera elbow – for me it was the babblers – they are very hard to get because they lurk about in the dark and then laugh at me – I’m sure they do! I ended up taking pics of butterflies while waiting for the birds! Lovely pics

  3. Rob, these are great pictures. I admire your patience and fortitude, but have you ever considered talking to someone about this competitive streak you seem to have. I’m a little worried… 😉

  4. These are great photos bulldog! That shade of green is one of my favourite colours in the world. I’ve seen it on old Jaguars (the cars) and if I were to have a fancy smancy car, that would be it!
    Diana xo

  5. What a beautiful little bird!!! And great shots too! I’m thinking of getting a longer lens because we have lots of birds where we live and I’d love to get some nice shots. My 300mm lens is just not long enough to get those super crisp photos.

  6. I had never heard of bee-eaters and find many birds difficult to capture. I have to echo what others have said Bulldog, your work is bloody brilliant as well! 🙂

  7. Absolutely nothing wrong with your stunning shots and you’re so right. I always get the same feeling when I see shots of the professionals. I don’t want to take photo’s like they do … I want to be there to take my own, so don’t feel alone. But between you and me, you are doing an excellent job and you are indeed blessed to be surrounded by so many bird and wildlife. 😀

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