Buffalo weavers… are you kidding me ??

Red-billed buffalo weaver (Bubalornis niger)

Buffalo… the type of 4 legged animals that are considered a dangerous specie, have a bird that looks, well by it’s nest, as though it is just as dangerous… here’s its nest… the golf ball gives you an idea of its size… I didn’t put the ball there… some poor golfer probably searched all over the rough for it….


Yet the bird hardly looks dangerous and is, in fact, not…


Prancing around on the ground in search of grubs and worms its main source of food… it does on occasions take seed and such…


A male will take more than one wife and breed with them all eventually aiding in feeding all his off spring…. a sucker for punishment if you ask me…


51 thoughts on “Buffalo weavers… are you kidding me ??

  1. Awwwww, totally adorable Rob and by the looks of it, not dangerous at all. 😆 Wonder if the female will think that golfball is an egg and try to hatch it. LOL! They are gorgeous Rob and you took stunning captures of it. The male is a sucker for punishment indeed. He sounds like someone we know. hahahahah!

  2. Assuming they live together, a large house for more than one wife is probably a sensible idea. It must take weeks to build it. As for the golf ball, I’ve had mine in some impossible places but never in a nest.

  3. What an amazing nest. And how funny to see the golf ball. I wonder if the golfer had any idea the ball had landed in a nest! Compared to so many of the birds you photograph this little guy is kind of simple, but I like him. The black feathers and orange bill are striking in contrast!

    • Thanks Diana… I like the new look, specially as I was having trouble reading my own words on the old blog… I have to have my cataracts removed and my sight might return to a better state… till then I’m going to be battling…. but the white writing on the blue background was getting too much…

  4. Very interesting leave it to you to know such cool things about the wild, and the best part is that you share them with us all.

    Thanks bulldog, have a awesome day. ;0)

  5. Sometimes one wonders who named the beasties. There’s nothing about this birdie to remind one of a buffalo. Where have I heard of a male with several wives and off-spring?????

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