Oh Big Mouth… a mother and young…

What would you expect from a hippo who has nothing else to do all day but rest ?? Yes… yawn…


Actually she is telling everyone the news .. “I’ve a youngster… come to close and I’m going to bite you…” it is a warning sign….


mother has to help her youngster keep its head above water ‘till it learns to swim…



That little one is so small if she opens her mouth it could get in… these are not small animals and never get between it and the water or too close in a canoe… some have been buried for making that mistake…


48 thoughts on “Oh Big Mouth… a mother and young…

  1. My sister in law was in Africa earlier in the year. The canoe they were in got stuck on a sandbar and they had to flee from a hippo. She managed to shoot off a couple of amazing shots of the charging hippo before fleeing to safety. Rather her than me. 😉

    • The same happened to us on an army boat in the Zambezi river river below the Kariba damn…. we had to fire warning shots into the water in front of it to get it to turn… if it had of kept coming we would have had no option but to shoot it…

  2. I just love hippos, Rob, but would never come within a mile of one! They may look cute, but I’ve seen them chase crocodiles away from their young. They’re a tough beast indeed 😉

    • It is by far the most dangerous, cantankerous, unpredictable beast in Africa… yet I can sit and watch them for hours… had a mother give birth not far from us, I was totally unaware of it and when she went back to the herb it was fascinating to see how that huge monster could be so gentle with its new born…

  3. I didn’t know (until I learned it from you) that hippos were dangerous. I thought they only lazed around in the water minding their own business and moved aside for people. So wrong!

  4. I love hippos … I find them endlessly fascinating. I blame Disney’s movie Fantasia with the Dance of the Hippos. There is something about a ballerina hippo in a tutu 😉
    I’ve never seen a baby hippo though. I didn’t know they couldn’t swim when they’re still young.

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