Lichtenstein Castle… in South Africa…

Lichtenstein Castle is a castle situated on a cliff located near Honau on the Swabian Alb, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

BUT…. A Cape Town businessman, Reynier Fritz, who was well known in advertising circles, first saw the 19th-century Schloss Lichtenstein in the land of his ancestors, and decided to one day replicate it in Hout Bay. He was able to start building in 1986 and 12 years later it was completed. He eventually turned it into a guest house before he died there.


Originally intended as a family home, many tourists kept on beating pathways to the front door it was this that eventually had it converted to a guest house. The guest house ran very successfully for several years and become a very popular venue for weddings and conferences.


The property comprising about 17 acres, includes 5 levels and depending on the configuration allows for 12 suites. The view would be of the Hout bay and world famous Chapman’s Peak.


Update: The Castle has recently changed hands, and is still privately owned. Media reports say the property sold in August 2012  for R23million to a Russian buyer.

54 thoughts on “Lichtenstein Castle… in South Africa…

  1. This is a very impressive building, Rob. I’d love to go and see it one day (but until then, I’ll live my life vicariously through your pictures). I hope your health is going well my friend xxxx

  2. What a great castle you got here…. I grew up very close to the original in Honau and we used to go there often as it is lovely to go walking through the forest there too. Nice idea to copy it, it is a bit of a fairy tale castle and beautifully situated. Probably we should have a note at the original castle to say that there is a replica in South Africa. 🙂 Love it!

  3. I was glad to get to this post, since the name, “Lichtenstein Castle,” was a bit unexpected in South Africa. I can see how this would be very appealing for weddings and events and I wonder if the new owner lives there, or just vacations from time to time! It wouldn’t be easy to get to and from the grocery now, would it? LOL! Lovely photos…I love the castle, but I really love the bay below! That’s gorgous! Love the way you captured the color of the water…so inviting!

  4. Fascinating story Bulldog and loved the photos. You had me fooled if not for your explanation, would have thought it was really in Germany. This reminds me of Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California. The newspaper giant William Hearst travelled the length and breadth of Europe bringing back actual pieces like fireplaces, ceilings and such to replicate his very own castle. It was used for parties and much more in its heyday in the 30s when famous movie stars like Errol Flyn and Douglas Fairbanks Jr attended (and they were wild parties!) but now it’s a tourist attraction. Driving by, with the ocean on one side and the castle high up in its grounds on the other, you can see zebras roaming around freely, not what you expect in California! It is an amazing place and must be worth a fortune, much like your Lichtenstein Castle 🙂

    • Thanks Sherri I was just saying 23 000 000 seems a low price for this piece of prime property. .. the land alone in such a location could be worth that… and remember our exchange rate at present is R11 to $1… pretty cheap for ground and building… I would have priced it at R 100 000 000

      • Ahh…I get the picture, thanks Bulldog. That is surprisingly cheap. I have no idea what Hearst Castle must be worth. We can but hazard a guess at that one 😉

    • I also thought 23 was very low… considering the area 4ha and the location… hell I would have asked 100… but then we never know how desperate the woman was for liquidity. …

  5. I think my favorite pic is the one of the castle at a distance. but.. really they are all neat

    BTW love the new site.

    • Apparently one can still hire out the place for functions, weddings etc…. so you organsie it and pay and I’ll pretend to be a part of your family….. lol

  6. This is the land of many surprises. A castle plopped into the scene.(bound to be enough stories for a movie there eventually – shame it’s in private hands now – what an intriguing sight)
    Appreciate you sharing all your treasures

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