Chapman’s Peak… a follow up story…

This is a follow on to yesterdays Lichtenstein Castle… situated in Hout Bay….

Chapman’s Peak Drive winds its way between Noordhoek and Hout Bay on the Atlantic Coast on the south-western tip of South Africa. Chapman’s Peak Drive is one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world.

It was a cold, windy, and almost rainy day… and these I record as reasons for my poor photography… but the honest truth… I’m not good at scenery…  here’s Linda with the drive in the background…


This drive is a must do when in the area…. the rock formations and views are out of this world…




and looking back to Hout Bay……



A bit of splurge from a web site… CLICK HERE TO LINK DIRECT FOR MORE PHOTOS.

The 9km route, with its 114 curves, skirts the rocky coastline of Chapman’s Peak (593m), which is the southerly extension of Constantiaberg and is a great hike for the energetically inclined.

Chapman’s Peak Drive is affectionately known as “Chappies” and is a must for anyone who is passionate about the majestic Cape Town scenery, with sheer drops to the sea below and towering mountains rising above you. The twists and curves in the road seem endless and it is a photographers dream. It is a paradise for motorists, sightseers, picnickers, runners, hikers and bikers (both the motorised and the manual varieties).

The drive offers stunning 180° views with many areas along the route where you can stop and take in the exquisite scenery or sit down for a relaxing picnic.

43 thoughts on “Chapman’s Peak… a follow up story…

  1. What fantastic views Bulldog, but those roads make me nervous. It reminds me of one we took in Crete. On the way up I could barely look down but going back I was better with the mountain on my right. Still, it was worth it, as with Chapman’s Peak which looks truly spectacular. What an amazing day out 🙂

  2. Absolutely magnificent. I wonder how many people drive off the road looking at the scenery. We have a similar road here that goes to Port Douglas (not as spectacular as this one) and people are often caught swerving on the wrong side of the road because they’re looking at the view 😉

    • There have been a few… but now with small walls to prevent this they merely dent the hell out of their cars… a famous BMW/ Mercedes ad was filmed by both cars in this area… one going over showing airbags and safety, followed by another showing their car can corner and would not go over the edge… there were all sorts of court cases over those two ADs

  3. Driving on the roads we do..we have “rule no. 1” and that is – keep your eyes on the road, cos if you don’t, for sure, you will fall into a pot hole…I’m guessing rule no 1 applies here! (Bloody big pothole!) Pity – maybe a bicycle?

  4. This is definitely my sort of place. I would love to do the drive with lots of stops along the way to take it all in. It looks like one of those special places where every visit reveals something new.

  5. Looks like a fantastic drive. We photographers of birds/animals and the smaller details probably need to practice our landscapes a bit more, but I certainly found your images showed the coastline perfectly well, especially the 2nd image.

      • No, not necessarily, Bulldog.

        You take such good photos anyway, I’m sure you (like me) will get the hang of it – landscapes I mean.

        My brother’s taking me (& Dad) for a short country drive today and I’ll have an opportunity to get him to stop the car (I hope) and practice. I’m still working out the ‘horizon’ thing. I know more sky when your want to emphasise the clouds & sky. And I know more ground, preferably something in the foreground to bring the eye into the frame and that’s about it (so far). Oh, and a higher Aperture like f16+ to get more in focus (than my normal).

        I know these are very basic, but I’m so used to shooting with different camera settings and hand-held.

        Now, just got to remember all that when I’m outdoors. Lousy memory is usually my downfall. And since I have a driver today, I can take my heavy duty tripod and get my brother to carry it for me (to save exacerbating the back pain).

  6. that is one stunning drive. I think it featured on the the “searching for sugarman” documentary we just watched – magnificent! Gosh I think we have awesome scenery but that is one magic drive! One day, one day…… bakery near by?

    • There are some magnificent bakeries near by… it is awesome. . But I need Stephen’s eye for photography…. in fact you should look out for my post tomorrow as you and Stephen feature in it.. I have given a link to your blog as well, l hope it brings lots of business your way

  7. How do you keep your eyes on the road when all that beauty is just beyond! The mountain itself has some interesting grooves and definition that are beautiful, too. It does look a little cold and windy, but breathtaking. My kind of place! 🙂

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