What has Cape Town got that the rest of us don’t ?

Table mountain….. and I must admit it is a magnificent mountain…. it claims a few things few other places can claim, if any…

This area forms part of the Cape Floristic Region and as such supports a high diversity of flora, much of which is rare and endemic. Protea, erica, restio and Asteraceae species, as well as geophytes, are all found in abundance. The main indigenous vegetation types are Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos and Cape Granite Fynbos, both of which are endangered and endemic to Cape Town – occurring nowhere else in the world.

Now all I needed was a visit from Jan and Stephen Roberts from New Zealand to have made this trip perfect…. I might not like the rugby team they support (although we beat them last weekend) but I do so admire Stephens landscape photography… CLICK HERE TO SEE THEIR BLOG

Jan and Stephen ride their bicycles all over the place normally with their two dogs in tow… Jan loves a certain bakery in their area and seems unable to miss stopping there, although she never shares photos of their wares… (selfish I’d say)…

But I’m getting off the point… I needed Stephen’s eye and photos to do justice to a beautiful area…  here are a few I took, and I apologise for the “stuff up”… birds are more my scene…





and a close up..


Jan and Stephen please come and visit…. Cape Town needs you…

I take bird photos and here is one I took whilst there….