A Swamphen Story….

I know this bird as the African Swamphen… but it has so many other names; African purple swamphen, purple moorhen, purple gallinule or purple coot and even others like; Pūkeko a common name, derived from the Māori language, for the purple swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio) of New Zealand… also known as the sultana bird.

So call it what you will I had a great photo conversation with this bird…









Have a great weekend… get out there and enjoy the outdoors… take your camera and capture anything, it’s good for the soul….

47 thoughts on “A Swamphen Story….

    • It is one of those that fascinates me in that it is a busy bird, one that is always on the move… this one was particularly co-operative for the photo shoot…. gave me a chance to capture some good shots of it…

  1. Haha…love it! Always great to see your photos of these, to me, such unusual birds. Love the narrative too, especially ‘what to share?’ I can just imagine him saying that 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend, I’m catching up as always this morning and you’re right, getting out and about and snapping a few pics in the process, it really is good for the soul, thanks Bulldog 🙂

  2. Quanto è buffo questo pollo sultano, però le foto sono bellissime caro Rob.
    E grazie per il consiglio di uscire con la macchina fotografica e fare qualche cattura, perché fa bene all’anima. Sono d’accordo con te 🙂
    Un abbraccio, Pat

  3. as soon as I saw the first photo I thought “wow looks just like our Pukeko” – then I read…… oh so is our Pukeko! LOL They have a great advert in NZ that features the Pukeko – think for insurance or something but is Mum, Dad and couple of “kids” – really funny – you’d almost think the birds were trained.

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