And here I torture you with Blue Crane photos..


This is a continuation on from yesterdays post…. more of my differing perspective to the norm… call me odd but I love them…









I really enjoy these photos…. they just say a bit more about the bird…. and these are those you commented on yesterday that were wiped out by this post…………….









47 thoughts on “And here I torture you with Blue Crane photos..

  1. That is one gorgeous bird, Rob. I love the photos and your different perspective is an excellent way to appreciate the detail of those beautiful photos. The fine feathers around the neck catch my eye! I can easily see why you love these photos…I do, too!

  2. These reminded me of the sandhill crane photos I took last year. I felt so honored to be allowed so close to such an amazing bird! You know how I feel about these type of shots Bulldog. I love this perspective! 🙂

  3. They look so much like our sandhill cranes…except ours have a big red heart looking thingy on their forehead…I LOVE the grey with the soft pink of the beak…so pretty.

  4. Con la fotografia penso che le regole si possono infrangere senza problemi, soprattutto perché la foto ci deve piacere prima di tutto a noi che la scattiamo.
    Le tue sono bellissime, hai fatto bene a scattarle senza seguire le regole 🙂
    Ciao, Pat

  5. Quite wonderful. The casual first pose, the curves and shapes of 3rd one. The texture and shapes of 5,6,7 – can’t decide which is the best. And you caught that fluffing or feathers in the last one. Captured the art and personality of these lovely creatures

  6. What a cutie and you’ve captured it so well! Love the close-ups. Just adorable! Who cares about rules when you can get perfect shots like this? 😀

  7. If you can get inside the animal’s personal space you are showing your readers something unique and special, even if not always technically perfect. And for me, trying something different is part of the fun and art of taking photos.

    • I so agree with you Brain….if this brecame a job that had to be correct st sll times I’d have stopped a long time ago…. fun is what it is all about as well as the right to do ss I please…

    • Thanks Ronnie… yep the norms of photography are not always attainable wheninthebush or hide…. but I refuse to stop taking shots because the conditions are incorrect. .. and I’m not always rewarded, but this time I was…..

  8. Rules? What rules? As with writing, it’s about your creative capture and what moves you at that time which clearly is what happened when you photographed this lovely bird. What do I know about back lighting? I’m no professional but for what it’s worth, I love the ‘art’ of these photographs. Keep taking them Bulldog 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sherri.. there are timed I get up close to a bird or animal by pure accident and only thedo I see the light is wrongg or not ideal…. it is these times I take the shot anyway and am manytimes very happy with whst I’ve captured…it might notbe rightbut it works for me … how others say “oops the light is wrong” and not take the shot…. amazes me

  9. wouldn’t want you to be any other way! Love the photos – the bird has the most intense eyes. I don’t know anything about back lighting bla, bla, bla – that is Stephen’s thing but I know what I like and I like your photos so don’t stop doing what you do and however you do it! 🙂

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