Crowned Crane.. a Phyllis Diller bird I call Lorna…

I’m sure you all know Phyllis and that famous hair style that looked like she’d been pulled through a bush by the feet….


The bird even has a certain likeness……

don’t know to whom I must credit this photo, or if there is a copy right…


BUT this is a bird I call Lorna…. and I know another Lorna who has recently finished her second book… or is it her third ?? To read more on this book click here..  CLICK CLICK AND CLICK AGAIN.

Or if you want to buy the kindle version you can go directly here…..

But back to Lorna….

As she came strolling through the mud towards us….


Someone shouted out “Get a pair !!!” now we don’t know who they were talking to, but the bird reacted immediately…


“I’m a female” she said and promptly checked…. she moved on into the water, confused now by the comment, as confused as we were….


Do yourself a favour and go to the Lorna link… I believe she is even going to give the book away sometime… maybe someone should tell her she can’t feed herself by giving the book away…

40 thoughts on “Crowned Crane.. a Phyllis Diller bird I call Lorna…

  1. There’s an amazing likeness between your Lorna and Phyllis. I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner. 🙂 And thank you for introducing me to Lorna Lee. I just downloaded both of her books! I’m eager to read them!

  2. Hey, Rob, this bird OBVIOUSLY dies her hair. I’m a NATURAL dizzy blonde! 😉

    Seriously, great post! I chuckled all the way through. You’re one funny and sweet man! Thanks for promoting my book. How’s your book coming. Would love to do the same for you–maybe a bald-headed eagle?? 😉 🙂 ❤

    And I know that giving the book away isn't going to pad my bank account, but everything I read about marketing says that these free promotions work to boost subsequent sales. We'll see. Maybe old birdie Lorna will stay confused and stuck in the mud on this one… 😉

  3. I always enjoy your Crowned Crane photos – it’s a particularly striking bird, and I like your plug for Lorna’s book.

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