Have I ever shown you a Flamingo photo ?

I’m sure you haven’t seen my flamingo photos… No you haven’t !!

A few more of the captures I can’t get enough of myself… I am actually quite proud of these captures… very special to me…..

What is it I love about this photo ? You can hardly see the ripples on the water except where their reflection is…


I love this one because of the grass reed reflection in the top… and what is flying there ?


This Flamingo’s neck seems to get into an almost impossible bend, is it a camera angle ?


This one is a favourite, don’t ask me why… I can’t answer,  have no reason…


I just love this loner…. and its reflection…


58 thoughts on “Have I ever shown you a Flamingo photo ?

    • Thanks…. I have so many favourites within this shoot that I feel I could share all 176 and ask for a vote on which is best and would still not come up with a unanimous answer…

  1. There’s something so magical about these photos because of the perfect lighting and reflections. I love them. I never feel they’re repetitious. I agree with you about the one with the reflection in the top of the photo, in particular because I would love to know “who” flew over. 🙂

    • These were such a special photo shoot… I just happened to be passing on my way to my SiL when looking left I noticed a dam I never knew existed with bird life on it… I had to find my way in to it and fortunately I always have my camera with me… I found them near the one edge of the dam accessible to me and as you say, what perfect light and no wind to disturb the water… I have since been back 4 or 5 times in hope of getting more captures, but they are now too far from any accessible point to take photos… So, that day was just meant to happen.. and I consider myself more than lucky to have got the captures I did… many friends (photographers) have asked for the location which I’ve shared, not one has managed a photo shoot like I got… now how privileged is that ??

  2. You know, I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’m sure I’ve seen some photographs of flamingos somewhere else… 😉 Seriously though Bulldog, I do love your photos as much as I love your enthusiasm for them and I’m with on your favourite, I would say that although I think they are all really beautiful, that would be mine also. Very creative and unique 🙂 Don’t stop!!!!!

    • Thanks Joanne… I do love these photos as they are my very first capture of this bird in the wild… but I’ve just returned from a shoot of my other favourite the crowned crane and I got some very special photos to share with you all in the future… flamingos will have to take a back seat for a while…

  3. Not more flamingo photos – just joking Rob, they’re really good. I would be equally fascinated by their natural beauty, and trying to capture the best shot possible.

  4. Haha! Seen them before? I loved them. You added a couple. I’d love to have prints. Do you sell them anywhere? If you don’t, you really should. Just fantastic photographs, Rob! 🙂

  5. Absolutely beautiful, love them too…. did you know there is this blog from this guy in Africa who does the most stunning flamingo pictures… just like you! hehe Keep them coming!

    • Thanks Vanessa… when I think how long I’ve been interested in birds in one way or another (the two legged type no no no, I mean the winged type) (55 years) and now to have seen these in the wild and been able to get my own photos after so long has been a privilege hard to describe to others… I’ve been back to the dam and they are still there but now just too far to photo… so I consider myself very lucky to have captured these birds when I did….

  6. Nice ones Rob … Funny how none of us really know much about these beautiful birds !! Time to study them I guess – never too old to learn something new. Keep them coming xx

    • Thanks Jane… I have now read up everything I can on these birds… for one I never knew they frequented the old transvaal, which they apparently do… now I wonder why I’ve never seen them before… they don’t nest near here, which is a pity as it would be nice to try and capture a little of the breeding stage and young…. but as you say “never too old to learn” and this type lesson I love… I’ve been back to the dam and they are still there but now just too far to photo… so I consider myself very lucky to have captured these birds the first time….

    • They are the greater flamingo and it is their colour… the lessor is pink due to it’s diet… I mentioned in my first post of these that I actually don’t know too much about them, this being my first encounter, but white is their colour… been back to the sight where I found these and they are still there just too far for photos. … so that day I was just lucky and maybe that is why I love these photos so much…

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