A bitch/moan about something, post…

I commented on a blog the other day about something that I felt I needed to get off my chest and felt this might just be the place to do it…

I don’t want to bore you with the Bulldog getting all serious and becoming a poster of moans and groans…. BUT… I forgot what it was all about, … SO … I can’t not post, so sorry all I have that is ready for posting is flamingo photos… so if you’ve had enough, switch off now and look anyway… or continue….







I PROMISE I WON’T POST ANY MORE … (glad you can’t see my fingers crossed…. hell that now takes me back to my childhood… how did crossed fingers negate a promise ?)

45 thoughts on “A bitch/moan about something, post…

  1. I always love seeing your flamingo photos, Rob. As far as finger crossing goes – according to Wikipedia it could have something to do with “the belief that the power of the Christian cross might save one from being sent to hell for telling a lie”. lol – love it! 😀

    • I wonder if it works…. gonna be a shocker when I slide sideways into my grave only to discover I’m off to hell… Had a good day yesterday capturing some truely unusual photos of my other favourite, the crowned crane….

  2. Have you ever seen the yards of some people? And their flamingos are pink and plastic. Now that’s something to rant about. Your pics are delightful. As for the crossed fingers thing, I’ll have to get back to you. And I will. Pinky swear. Hey! Where did that come from? 😉

  3. Wasn’t as important as you though. Amazing how fleeting things can be when you have such LOVELY birds to watch. I really enjoyed these photos and I’d have lots of pics too if I were in your shoes!

    • Thank you… yep I have lots more, but today’s excursion rewarded me with some beautiful captures of the Crowned Crane which I’m now going to bore everyone with…

  4. I think it’s funny that the flamingos send you back to your ‘happy place’ when you’re bitching and moaning 😉
    It’s also funny that I just noticed that they have these amazing splashes of colour on their back ends. It really popped out on the first photo. How on earth did I miss that before?!!

    • Thanks Joanne…. I so love my birds.. a trip today rewarded me with some brilliant captures of the crowned crane that I’m now going to bore you with next week… but I think you will enjoy them… not often one sits in a bird hide and captures a bird not 3 feet away from you….

  5. I like them all, but especially the third one down which is excellent (it should make your book). It looks planned, as if the flamingos have got into position and are posing for you – I bet you’ve been talking to the animals again.

    • I love them myself, but must change from them to something else of interest… I’m sure some are say “is this all he has captured in the last week or so ?” lol

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