What beautiful eyes you have.. and leathery cheek…

I love this shot I took with a little zoom… the bird remained un-perturbed by my hand over the ledge adjusting the zoom…

I probably would never have been able to see the birds eye so close, or for that matter, the leathery type skin of the cheek, if this bird had of known I was in the hide…


I loved this shot for the artistic shape and form of the feathers… the bird was preening behind its wing… also with a little zoom…


One of the other birds that was in close proximity was watching me with great interest….


One can almost hear it saying “I have my eye on you, try anything funny and I’ll warn my friend !!”

32 thoughts on “What beautiful eyes you have.. and leathery cheek…

  1. I can honestly say I have never seen a close up photo like your first shot. It is truly unique, with a definite wow factor! – You have shown us some inspiring photos this past week.

    • Thanks very much Brian… I feel as though I’ve had a good week… only problem is trying to keep the standard….lol… next weeks planned photos should be quite good as well….

    • Thanks Jan… it was keeping a sharp eye on me… the one below the shelf (in the photo) was unaware of me, as I showed in my last post… but this one could see me and has that look of “move too fast and there will be trouble”

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