700… an even number, but an odd feeling…

A fellow blogger commented on it being her third birthday on wordpress and this impressed me beyond words… 3 years ??? … seemed a blogging life time, as  I wondered if I’d ever make it…

photos from the loonybin” had made it 3 years… then I remembered “A Frank Angle” had been blogging since the first computer was discovered and internet came into being and had 1 500 posts… hell I’d never reach that….

Damn it if a little research didn’t frighten the katonkas out of me… I made my first post on the 30th March 2012 that’s two and a half years ago and this is my 700th post…. now I feel old…. half as old as A Frank Angle (will have to respect his age and call him Uncle) and getting close to Photos from the loonybin, (hell I might just have to call her Auntie)….

So who does one thank for being around this long ??

108 000 visitors to my site I would suppose are the first, cause they are there…. and hell that is approx. 150 views per post… My articles on “street article” (225 articles have received 200 560 reads, approx. 890 reads per article, wow this analysis is frightening)

31 000 odd comments made by others and myself… cause they have shown an interest…

and then wordpress for hosting my site without many hassles, or for allowing spammers to inundate my blog with their codswallop…

So here is a post that might be longer than usual but I do love these photos and want to share them with you all…

Thank you for being just so much more than followers, but rather the friends that you have become….

In reflection over the last 699 posts………….

Thur 21-07-2011 110

Pondering on the posts made, visits and comments…..


Looking back I might have done some things differently…..

lookin back

Hell I might even have been accused of being windy…..


I’m sure we have shared a few secrets…..

shared secrets

We might even have gossiped about others…

talked about

BUT… I’m sure we have never fought….


But rather looked out for each other… aided and even shared each others posts….

looked out

But what does the future hold for this blog..?? I’m sure while I have visitors, or people who comment and show interest…. even those that voice the love of learning from this blog… I will continue…

So here’s to stepping out of the mud and grime and continuing on with something I’ve really grown to love and can’t stop doing….

walking ahead

Please come along and enjoy the ride as we head on down the road of bloggers sphere…

74 thoughts on “700… an even number, but an odd feeling…

  1. Wow Bulldog 700 candles on your bloggers’ cake. I am always forever uplifted with your amazing photography and captions, filled with love of nature and humour at its best. We have all become extended family of yours/Linda’s. Congrats! 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Rob. It takes a lot of time, attention and diligence to post often–the care and feeding of a successful blog is a great deal of work! Good for you, and I’m so glad that somewhere along the way we met. I always look forward to stopping by for a visit. 🙂

  3. The dancing duo are fabulous – along with all the captions.
    Congrats and cheers. Your posts always offer images so real – with such exotic textures they could easily be imaginary – but aren’t. Add in some nice facts, clever and astute observations and there’s a winning blog.
    These sense of community – although we are all spread wide – is terribly entertaining and fun. (and we thought cell phones were so special – this type of communication is even bigger. Mind boggling at times.)
    Much applause and thanks for sharing it all

  4. What a record and I am very happy to be following your beautiful blog. It brings nature and a country closer to me which I might never see in real. You are an amazing photographer and great blogger. To many more years ! Cheers…. clink!

  5. We must have started blogging around about the same time, Rob. It’s been an absolute pleasure following you. I’ve learned so much and really enjoyed your company 😀

    • Dianne that feeling is entirely mutual… I’m so glad I found your blog…. not always happy with your rugby team when they beat our Springboks, but I won’t hold that against you….

  6. Congrats on your 700 posts, bulldog. I have no idea how many blog posts I’ve done over my three blogs, since I started, but maybe one day I’ll work it out. It is quite an addictive pastime, and I can’t see either of us giving up our addiction any time soon. Lovely pics and prose. 🙂

    • Just click on your stats button it will tell you everything…. but I’m sure you are in the thousands… I know your first blog you changed from due to a hack, so maybe your old figures are lost as well….
      But I would not dare call you Aunt… far too young for that….

  7. Congratulations, Rob. I just had my 3rd blogiversary, but I am not as prolific as you–I have less than two hundred posts. I have enjoyed following your blog, and look forward to the next 700!

      • Dear Rob,
        Thank you for one of the nicest comments I have ever received on my blog! Sometimes I just get…you might call it ‘blogged down,’ but it only means that I am rehearsing a new show or getting the garden up to speed or on the road. I try to be sure to blog at least two or three times a month, if possible, just so people don’t forget me!

  8. Complimenti Bulldog, con i tuoi post ci hai dato la possibilità di vedere tantissimi posti belli, animali e tanto altro. Sono contentissima di aver avuto la possibilità di fare parte di coloro che ti seguono!
    Un abbraccio, Pat

  9. I’m glad you are here and so glad I found you. I love how you interject sentences in between your images. They make me smile! Congratulations! I think my first post was November 2012. I like the idea of doing a post celebrating how long we’ve been here. Thanks for the idea!

  10. I thought you’d been on WP for far longer, for some reason. You always looked like an old pro. WP sent me that notice sometime last month, I think it was. I didn’t investigate it, so don’t know what the stats are. Congratulations! I have posted a few less than 700, I think. Every post of yours is a treat, you know! 🙂

    • Oh I’m an old pro alright… just depends on what we are referring to… lol… Thanks George, I certainly have never worried about the stats or length of time I’ve been blogging… to me I worry about the comments… If I did a post and never got a comment, I’d stop… that would be the end…

  11. Love all you photos, as always, Bulldog. I am also a “long in the tooth” blogger. Almost 3 years here on WP and just before that 3 years on that other, used to be SA blog site 🙂

  12. See nephew, you’re closer to me than you think :). All I can say is that I am so very glad that I found your blog because you have a fantastic sense of humour (just like your auntie), and you are forever teaching me new things about amazing animals in your part of the world. It’s like watching a nature show that makes me laugh every episode, and laugher is so important in today’s world. Thanks and keep on smiling :). By the way, I’m still waiting for a picture of you in your kilt!!

    • and I know you have more hair than me… and I think your Hubby is darn pleased about that… when you talked of your 3 years I was in such awe that one could blog for so long… and here I am not far behind you… just goes to show, age has its draw backs as I didn’t know when I started… but looking at your photos of you overseas trip I can hardly call you Auntie… you’re more of a daughter age… so my girl, as you are so much younger I, think it inappropriate to show you me in my kilt…
      By the way do you know why they wear a sporran with their kilts ??

  13. Dearest Nephew,
    Because I helped Al Gore invent the Internet, I am very pleased to help you achieve this wonderful milestone. We both write … we both generally don’t post more than once a day. We approach blogs as a commitment … we both value visitors, so we treat them with respect and kindness … plus with that occasional quirky sense of humor … and all this serves as evidence that you are a chip off the old block … Me! Although I don’t have your photographic skills or your quest for nature, I do have much more hair.Congratulations on the milestone!

    Your Uncle Frank

  14. I love this post Bulldog and your narrative put together with the photos sending your humorous and warm message in your usual wonderfully endearing way. Wow…congrats on the stats and your 700th post, pretty amazing that. Your viewing figures are great, way better than mine, lol 😉 I love coming over here and yes, I have learnt a lot, love your pics but I also really enjoy the banter we share back and forth. Like you, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to give up blogging…and I’m so glad to read that you have no intention of doing so because for a minute there I thought you were going to announce your ‘retirement’ and I got worried…so great news that my friend, great news indeed… 😀

    • Thank you Sherri for such an endearing comment… I love too the banter and even sometimes the serious comments that go between some bloggers…. quite often I’ve found the comments to be as interesting as the post itself… I was accredited with creating the “Street Party” on Street Articles where sometimes my 500 – 800 worded post was far out numbered by comments and banter… It is this that keeps me going… and I do find the blogging far less work and stressful than the article writing, consequently my post here….

    • Good point I forgot to mention that… it is the African Jacana… better known by many as a lily trotter… thanks for the comment and I will go on till no one follows me any more… Thanks Brian…

  15. Congratulations on your 700th (gosh, that sounds like I’m congratulating you on your 700th Birthday. Now THAT would be a FEAT!).

    I had 1258 posts on my old blog (108 on my new B & W blog and 102 posts on my new Nature Blog – nowhere near the traffic I had on my old blog with the broader variety of photo subjects) but nowhere near the visitors you’ve had.

    So congrats on all those visitors too. Nice to know people are interested in each other’s lives and activities around the world.

    If that’s one thing we will all get out of blogging, it’s interacting with other cultures & countries. Its bound to broaden our view of the world. (I noticed I had some 23,000 spam comments intercepted on my old blog and going by some of the content, there’s a hell of a lot of people on the internet that have nothing to do with their time but be a pain in the arse for us wholesome good guys).

    Great bird images and I love your narrative as usual – keep up the great work & all your time in entertaining me with your words.

    • Thank you so much Vicki… wow that is a lot of posts you’ve put out there… I, when looking at the stats, have discovered that posts I thought would not garnish many looks have, in fact, been the most visited… I have one that has had 3384 views and continues to receive them every day… who knows how this works, I sure don’t… but whilst I still find other blogs fascinating and that the interaction I get from commenting and answering comments continues, this will be a difficult habit to stop… smoking was much easier to give up than what this will be….

    • Diana thank you so much… one has to remember that the sharing of posts by others does help garnish exposure, and your Friday pick will never be forgotten by me in that regard….

    • I can’t wait to see what Frank has to say about that statement… But thank you very much, I’m not sure I have another 700 in me… but I suppose the future will be the proof of that…

  16. the above post and photos is the exact reason why you are still here 700 posts later, followed by so many and loved by so many. Your blogs are fantastic and your photos just beautiful – well not just, but you know what I mean. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Amanda… I am not really one for watching the stats, but rather to just post, read others and enjoy all the comments that fly back and forth… it is the communication I think that pushes me… to hear from those all over the world and to chat away with them as though they lived next door…. I suppose on the internet they aren’t much further than next door…

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