What is Artistic licence?… and how am I doing?

Now there’s a question no one wants to see.. hell, how do we politely tell this man his own artistic licence is up to pot…?? Please don’t do that !!!

I so wish I could paint, to take these photos and commit them to canvas, to frame and place on my wall… not all of them, (haven’t got a big enough wall) but some just appeal to my eye.. like this one… would this fall into the genre of an abstract ??


These birds twist and turn with their preening, and there is more than often an opportunity to capture a different aspect of their colours from the different angles they get into… like this one…


The differing feathers, from thin to broad, the golden feather tips that are below the wings.. the mauves or reds (hell what colour is that??) towards the tail. The delicate feathers around the neck, almost hair like… the broad perfect feathers of the wings, and then the head gear… a pin cushion of gold… what a bird God created here…


a few more photos of those I love….



Have a great day as I will be having… go well….


59 thoughts on “What is Artistic licence?… and how am I doing?

  1. I’ve had similar thoughts about some of my favorite photos. They remain on my computer and I would just love to have the ability to either paint the scenes I most enjoy or at least display the photos in some way. The plumage and fine colorful feathers as these birds preen are really exquisite and the photos could be hung on a gallery wall. You’ll just have to find one! 🙂

  2. That first photo is definitely of abstract quality. You really should try sending the photo off to have it put on a canvas….you will love it. I’ve done that with a couple of my photos and have had fabulous results in that it really does look like a painting.

  3. You have living art strutting all around you.
    That second one is a real stunner. Paint or in tapestry yarns – would be difficult to recreate such magnificence. You have an artistic eye. (could that “red” be “rust”?) Photography is an art form. Have them high-quality printed on canvas – and you might be surprised how fast people would grab them.

  4. Such a clever idea to show these photos of this glorious bird… without a head…you see, you really are an artist Bulldog, you see art in every feather and form of your captures.
    I would say that colour ‘red’ is more like an auburn, and actually, perfect for the autumnal season. You have a great day too 🙂

    • Thanks Sherri … I can’t help but be fascinated by the bird or for that matter any and all that I come in to contact with,,,, the whys, whats and wherefores are all things that carouse around in my head and I then try to take photos to capture what I’m thinking… some times it turns out good…. others not worth posting…

  5. I like the first shot because it provides a new and unfamiliar look…for me, you’ve created an interesting image by just selecting a part of the bird, which in isolation takes on an abstract quality. I also like the second shot which highlights colours, textures, and patterns, and shows off its natural beauty.

  6. I love that it’s possible to see things from different angles and find beauty in all of them. I hear you on the not a big enough wall bit too…my home laptop is set up to me a sort of changing photo frame. Photos in an album never get seen.

      • The cheeky thing 🙂 He’ll remember what he said when heredity reminds him in a few decades 🙂
        I realised it couldn’t be the picture of the back of your head when (a) I saw that the “sunglasses” were in the wrong place (b) I tried to imagine you taking a picture of the back of your head. Oh dear, MM.

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