Talk about slow traffic… not the internet…

I came across this tortoise the other day, streaking down the lawn at an awful speed… the sun was on the wrong side for good photos so I asked him/her to turn around….

He/she answered that it would be quicker if I moved to his other side, or I must wait for the afternoon when the sun would then be right…. (clever reptile showing me up like that)… Well I was too darn lazy to move around to his other side, there was a six foot fence in my way in any case…

So here is what I captured…. enjoy….


wonder why he/she did not have a shower after the last painting job they did ????


“Hello there” it seems to be saying in this photo….


Wonder if I’d have seen a difference in photos if I had of taken a few at 3 frames per second ???

47 thoughts on “Talk about slow traffic… not the internet…

  1. I absolutely love these pictures, Rob. They are such amazing creatures (I was saying “awww” so much when I saw these pics that hubby asked me from the other room what was wrong!) 😉

  2. I should have a bumper sticker on my car: “WARNING! I stop for turtles, get out of my car and help them to cross the road…unless they are too big or snap at me, in which case, I just flag Bulldog down.”

    I might need to get a bigger car or re-think my career as a bumper-sticker slogan maker… 😉

  3. Instead of shooting faster for little difference, how it would look with a long exposure. Just imagine it with motion blur; would it then look as if it was streaking across the garden?…lol

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